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2293 – the cemetery of Sografou

Sografou cemetery is located uphill, to the left of the monastery. It is a 2-minute walk from the monastery entrance to reach the cemetery gate, which is open. This is the road, next to the vegetable gardens, that leads to … Continue reading

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2292 – the remnants of two carriages in the cemetery of Sografou

On September 18 I visited the cemetery of Zografou. In a far corner of the cemetery I found two half-decayed remains of four-wheeled carriages. What could be the reason that these old means of transport were stored here? Were they … Continue reading

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2287 – more information about the new hotel and restaurant in Karyes

In post 2278 I showed you the images of monk Prodromos Grigoriatis, who visited the new hotel just after its opening on August 20th 2023. On September 24th I was in Karyes myself and had a chance to have a … Continue reading

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2129 – a close look at Agiou Paulou monastery 1

In post 2015 I ended my photo report with a picture of the Agiou Paulou monastery. Today we will take a closer look at the exterior of the monastery, starting with a plan of the monastery from Mylonas, made in … Continue reading

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2055 – Xenofontos, photos of the surroundings and the outside of the monastery

Today I will show pictures of the outside of Xenofontos monastery. The plan below is drawn in 1980 by Mylonas. As you can see on the aerial below, which I took in 2017, the layout of monastery has undergone some … Continue reading

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