1460 – map with forgotten footpaths

athos mapThis map showes some footpaths (……..) which I fear are no longer there. Reason is the continious bulldozering of the paths replacing them by dirtroads.  For years now the path from Lavra to Iviron is one long dirtroad, not interesting enough to go on foot. 

The lost footpath in to Lavra near Morfonou, 1911

Most of the paths around the mountain itself are still there and beautifull to cross. There are still paths accessable from Grigoriou and Simonas Petras over the ridge to the eastside of the peninsula as to be seen on this map. But a good chance is that nature has taken over and that these trails are overgrown by vegetation. It is still possible to walk from Dionysiou over the ridge to Filotheou or Karakalou as my brother did in 2009.


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  1. Fremaki says:

    There are 3 footpaths, all joining up at a certain point, that go from Simonopetra to the ridge and from there down to the other side of the peninsula. Next time you’ll be in Simonopetra, ask father Averkios, the ‘monopataris’ (the monk in charge of taking care of the footpaths).
    I’m not sure about Grigoriou.
    About Dionysiou, there are two footpaths, each side of Aeropotamos, but I’ve been told by father Modestos that the one one right side (the one your brother took in 2009) has had some damage due to the weather last year. The one on the left side is Ok up to Agios Onouphrios, but from there it needs a lot of work (planned by the Friends of Mount Athos in the coming years). It should not be taken without extreme care, a very good physical shape and a very gook knowledge of the area. Better to wait for a report from the Friends of Mount Athos (check their website: http://www.athosfriends.org).

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