1100 – Dionysiou: the portico, part 1 (day 2 nr 12)

Finally the moment is there to show you one of the most spectacular attractions of the Holy Mountain: the cyclus of the Apocalypse of John, shown in 21 scenes, painted between 1560 and 1564, and of a stunning quality. To my knowlegde the complete scenes were never published on the internet, so enjoy!

First I will show the plan of the monastery, so you can see where the fresco’s are situated. You will find them to the right side of the church (3) in a long portico (K), that lies right in front of the Trapeza (4) and the chapel of St. Nicolas (J).

Dionysiou plattegrond a
I will start with a picture taken in the corner at1“, left from the entrance to the chapel of St. Nicolas.

IMG_3470 Dionysiou portico 1 Strangely enough the painter ends in this dark corner with the last chapters of the Apocalypse, in a combination of four scenes, while all other fresco’s only show one scene. It looks as if he was running out of place and he desperately wanted to show us these chapters too (?).

Let’s have a closer look, beginning in the upper left corner: IMG_3470 a Dionysiou portico detail of 1 On several occations John mentions in his revelations the beast or dragon with the seven heads. Interesting on this painting are the soldiers that are under attack of white birds. Notice the large damage that is done to this fresco……

The next detailed picture is from the upper right half:IMG_3470 b Dionysiou portico detail of 1 This picture shows us a city burning (upper right), maybe Babylon, with smoke in the air and water flowing, while two angels fly around and people stand in worship or fear. Here a part of the fresco is destroyed and restored, and the image is still faguely to be seen underneith the cloth.

The third picture is from the left lower corner:IMG_3470 c Dionysiou portico detail of 1Here it looks like Satan or the beast is thrown down the earth or defeated by an angel, who holds a large key.

The third and last picture of tonight is one on the lower right side:IMG_3470 d Dionysiou portico detail of 1 Here a city is shown, with an angel in the right top corner and a bright light and clouds over it. Might it be the return of God, who comes to dwell with humanity in New Jerusalem (John 21: 2-8)?

Wim, next time more (26/8)

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  1. Bertinos says:

    The text on photo 1 seems to be “Sto vouno” which means “To the mountain”.

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