2175 – Athos related Portable Icons part 3

The appearance of the panagia (Virgin Mary) to Athanasios the Athonite, 18075 – 1975, Dionysiou, fragment

The miracle of discovering the place of Holy Water. The source of Athanios on the road to Lavra.

Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew, 1850 1950, HCoMA, fragment

Triptych with amongst others the Panagia (Virgin Mary) Vrefokratousa, Christ Child, Saint Efthimios, Saint Onoufrios, Saint Savvas, Spyridon.

Presenting the Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew, 1900, Dionysiou, fragment

Two standing saints. Left: Saint Andrew the Apostle, and Right: Saint Antony the Great. . Between them: the Miraculous icon of the Skete of Saint Andrew. The Church of the skete.

The Holy Fathers of the Monastery of Filotheou, 1850 – 1930, Stavronikita, fragment

St Theodosios in bishop’s vestments and mitre, holding a Gospel book, on either side St Filotheos and St Dionysios, holding a cross and a scroll the first and a scroll the second, four undecipherable saints, in monastic habit, the Divine Eye radiating rays of glory.

Saints Symeon and Sabba from Chilandariou, 1873, Stavronikita, fragment
Esfigmenou, 1881. Paulou
Andreou Skete, 1849, Dionysiou, fragment

The first building. In later years the surrounding buildings and the immense church were build.

Saint Andreou and Saint Anthony, 1850 – 1920, Vatopedi, fragment

In the middle the Skete of Andreou and the Mountain.

Syntaxis of Holy Mountain fathers, 1760 – 1860, Dionysiou, fragment
Mara Brankovic gives the Holy Gifts to the monastery of Paulou, 1990 – 2000, Paulou, fragment
Saint Evdokimos Vatopaidinos, 1842, Vatopedi
Vatopedi, 1842, fragment

More icons on the site of the Holy Community of Mount Athos (HCoMA).

Herman Voogd

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2174 – Athos related Portable Icons part 2

I have scanned the Athos Digital Heritage database on Portable Icons that have a direct connection with the Holy Mountain. Here is the second part. First the title, then the year when it was made and finally the owner of the icon.

The syntaxis of the Holy Fathers, 1860 – 1960, Dionysiou, fragment

These are all holy men of Mount Athos. In the top row, in the middle Peter the Athonite with the long beard.

Syntaxis of Mount Athos Fathers, 1750 – 1800, Holy Community of Mount Athos (HCoMA) fragment

As in the one above , the central figure is the Panagia, Maria the mother of God.

Agiou Paulou, 1833, Paulou

With the arsanas on the right and on the left the medieval tower who has recently been renovated.

I.M. Sografou and St. George, 1850 – 1900, Paulou
Saint Silouan the Athonite, 2000 – 2017, Dionysiou

Russian saint who worked at the watermill next to Panteleimonos monastery.

Mount Athos from the north east, 1908, Dionysiou
Panagia, 1950 – 1980, Vatopedi
Saint Dionysios, 1800 – 1950, Dionysiou, fragment

The founder of Dionysiou with a model of the monastery in his hand

Simonos Petras, 1870, Paulou

With a clear vision on the aqueduct because the south part of the monastery was not build yet. Watch the garden pulley.

Athanasios, 1700 – 1800, Pantocratoros, fragment

The Founder of Lavra, recognizable by his forked beard.

Saint Gedeon Karakallinos, 1959, Karakallou

The Karakallou monastery and the Mountain on the right.

Saints Pachomaioi, founders of Karakallou monastery, 1891, Karakallou, fragment

Herman Voogd

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2173 – Athos related Portable Icons

 A new initiative of the The Holy Community of Mount Athos is online, Athos Digital Heritage. A digital repository with 300,000 objects, such as manuscripts, historical documents, photographs, books, and icons. It is a fantastic source for the Orthodox world, websites and blogs. Because of the large quantity of objects we are planning to show small parts of it in our blogposts.

We are not completely sure if it is allowed to use the content in the repository for our website. If The Holy Community of Mount Athos is not comfortable with us using the content in this blog we will, of course, no longer do it and shall delete this post as soon as the HCoMA tells us to do so. We hope it is no problem.

I have searched in the portable icon section for images that are strongly related to Mount Athos itself. First the title, then the year the icon was made and the owner.

Peter the Athonite and Saint Onoufrios, 1895, Xenophontos

Peter the Athonite, one of the founding fathers of Mount Athos with the mountain in the background.

Gennadios Vatopedinos, 1950- 1990, Xenophontos

A Saint of Vatopedi monastery with the bay of Vatopedi in the background. The mountain on the right.

The oldest copy of Axion Esti- 1538 – 1548, Holy community of Mount Athos

Famous icon, the original is in possesion of the of the Protaton church in Karyes.

Elder Paisios, 2010, Dionysiou

Elder Paisios was canonised in 2015. He lived in several monasteries and in a Kellion called Panagouda near Karyes.

Athanasios the Athonite, 1927, Karakallou (fragment)

Athanasios is the founder of Lavra monastery in 963.

Saint George and Xenophontos monastery, 1800 – 1900, Paulou (fragment)
Saint Dionysios, 1750 -1850, Dionysios

Saint Dionysios is the founder of the monastery with its name.

Saint Akakios Kavsokalyvitis, 2000 -2015, Dionysios (fragment)
Choir of Fathers of Mount Athos, 1900 -1950, Xenophontos (fragment)

Hierarchs, hieromonks, monks and erimites with the Panagia and the Mounatin in the middle.

Trip of the Panagia to Mount Athos, 1880 – 1920, Dionysios
Nikoforos Koulitzis, 1873 – 1920, Xenophontos

Nikoforos Koulitzis was abbot of Xenophontos monastery.

Paulou Monastery, with saints George and Paul, 1870 – 1900, Paulou

Paul Xeropotaminos, founder of Xeropotamos monastery, came at the close of his life to the region and became also the founder of Paulou.

Herman Voogd

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2172 – Arte TV: the story of the theft of the Sografou manuscript by Bulgaria

Still from the footage: a secret door in a library

Click here to see the video.

This is the story -in French and German- of the theft of the Bulgarian “founding” manuscript in the ’80-ties and how it returned in 1998 to the Holy Mountain.

the stolen manuscript
Bulgarian letter about the theft

Wim Voogd, 7/10 (thanks to Jean-Michel Sourd of “All Friends of Mount Athos” on Facebook)

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2171 – earthquake on Athos September 27th

Earthquake this morning 27/9 – the monk is looking . The white stripe on this still is a stone falling down.

Today, Sunday 27/9, a powerful earthquake was felt by the monks on the Agion Oros in the early morning, during the service called “agripnía”. The quake took place about 20 kilometers southwest of Athos and measured 5.2 on the Richter scale. Thank God, it seems, everything went well.
Here is a footage of the earthquake on Facebook: (earthquake after approx. 48 seconds): luckily only some debris fell down from the church ceiling.

https://fb.watch/MeL5kFRxr/ (thanks Vasilís).

The orange line on the map shows the earth’s major tectonic plates.
Protaton, Karyes

The area of Mount Athos has given strong earthquakes in 1905 with 7.5 on the Richter scale, as well as in 1982 and 1983, with magnitudes of 7 and 6.8. All of them were at a distance of 25 to 45 km from the epicenter of the current earthquake. Greek seismologists are practically talking about the same tectonic formation and that is why they are cautious. As for the possibility of other faults in the area of Mount Athos to be activated by the vibrations that currently took place the seismologist described it as “completely unlikely, because the earthquake is relatively small and can not affect other areas”. (source)

Wim Voogd, 28 and 29/9

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2170 – Skiing and Snowboarding on Mount Athos

On this website from Frozen Ambrosia I found this footage of seven Greek guys, who skied down the Holy Mountain (filmed on February 17/18 2017).

Skiing from the Top in 2017

This is the Facebook footage of the ski trip (thanks Japetus) and some stills from the ski team at the Metamorphosis chapel on the top of Mount Athos:


Wim Voogd, 23/9

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2169 – Corona update Athos 24th of September (update 30/9)

Since our last post from August 6th in 2160 there was no news from Athos, concerning the pandemic. But two days ago Romfea.gr reported that an outbreak of Covid-19 occured in the Agiou Paulou monastery (in English read more here). The information states that eight confirmed cases of coronavirus were found. One of the fathers had to be transported to a hospital outside Mount Athos. The monastery is in quarantine and further visits are suspended until September 27th.

30/9: The monk from the Monastery of Saint Paul on Mount Athos, who had been intubated at the General Hospital of Thessaloniki was finally extubated after his multi-day battle with the corona virus. The monk was found to be negative for the Covid 19 virus and so he will not even need to be treated at the Covid clinic. Instead, he will be transferred to the Pulmonary Clinic of the hospital and will remain there until he is discharged.

I.M. Agiou Paulou – 2019

The latest news from from yesterday 22/9 is (source: vimaorthodoxias) that within the monastery of Agiou Paulou there are five confirmed cases and two cases are in hospitals in Thessaloniki, one of them 85-year old monk. Two new cases are found in the monastery of Chilandariou and in Lakou Skiti, that makes a total of nine (or ten) cases that have been discovered on Mount Athos.

22/9 19.20 h.: After an extraordinary meeting of the Holy Community this afternoon the amount of pilgrims is set up to ten visitors per monastery, as a measure to curb the COVID-19 spread. It also prohibits the movement of visitors to a monastery other than the one for which approval is given. And for foreigners: a special corona-test is obliged.

source: orthodoxianewsagency.gr

24/9: Panteleimonos and Lavra monasteries have been on lockdown. 200 monks have been tested negative on the virus.

I hope the virus will be contained and that will not spread over the pensisula, because it might cause a disaster! The expectation is that the Holy Epistasía soon will come with stricter measures to prefend the spreading of the virus on Athos.

And isn’t it strange that at the same time this news appears on Romfea.gr:

The Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Misustin will pay a two-day pilgrimage to Mount Athos on Thursday. The Russian official is coming unofficially and according to information he will go to Karyes where he will meet with the Mount Athos leadership and will stay at the Holy Monastery of Panteleimonos.

How is it possible that government leaders are setting the wrong example and why should you go to Athos in these times? What makes politicians different and how irresponsible can you be?

Wim Voogd, 22/9

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2168 – Special Offer nr 5: 50% discount on watercolors of Christos Baloukos

This week I will end the special offers with – for the time being – the last two watercolors of the Greek artist Christis Baloukos: houses near Dionysiou and Ivirón.

I.M. Dionysiou – nr 2168- 111
I.M Ivirón – nr 2168-100

The terms are the same as the watercolors for sale in posts 2161, 2163, 2164 and 2167: we made a special deal with the artist and we offer the watercolors with a discount for our readers and visitors of 50%! The prize of a painting -35×50 cm- is €300,00 (including shipping).

You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping. For more examples of his art (also oil paintings), please take a look at his website.

Wim Voogd, 14/9

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2167 – Special Offer nr 4: 50% discount on watercolors of Christos Baloukos

Today I will present the next four watercolors made by the Greek artist Christos Baloukos. As shown before in posts 2161, 2163 and 2164, all the pieces of art are unique and one of a kind. Athosweblog has made special deal with artist and we offer the watercolors with a discount for our readers and visitors of 50%! The prize of a painting -35×50 cm- is € 300,00 (including shipping).

You can order them directly from mr. Baloukos at this e-mail adress: cbaloukos@gmail.com, adding the number of the watercolor that you find under the image in this blog. He will take care of the payment by Paypal and the shipping.

The first watercolor is from the entrance of I.M. Filotheou:

I.M. Filotheou in 2017 – nr 2167 – 80
I.M. Filotheou 2009

For the people who do have the opportunity to go here: on this photo you can check that it is the same spot (from my photo library, shot in 2009). The vivid colors mr. Baloukos used in his watercolor makes the place even more beautiful!

2016: Kerasia – nr. 2167 -73

Kerasia lies on one of the most pristine and deserted pieces of land you can find on the Holy Mountain (and maybe in Europe). On the foot of the 2033 meters high Athos mountain some monks gathered to live their lives close to God in seclusion and in contemplation. A Kerasia monk from the US told us during a taxitrip to Lavra in 2019 that you have to have a special permit (blessing) from the elder to spent the night here. Not many pilgrims that I know of did get that permit.

Aerial of Kerasia: flight over Athos in 2017
Skiti Prodromou – nr 2167 – 75

This a detail of the two domes and the bellfry, above the entrance of the Rumenian skete of Timiou Prodromou, seen from the courtyard. Christos made a fine artist impression with blue skies, white clouds and the yellow sun behind them, in contrast with the top of Mount Athos and the colorfull stones of the building. A well chosen scene and a fine piece of art! In 2011 I took a picture of this part of the building:

Prodromou 2011: photo Wim Voogd

And last but not least: the harbour of Dafni with pilgrims leaving the boat:

The taxi boat Mikra Anna arriving at Dafni harbour 2017: 2167 – 82

Almost every pilgrim arrives or leaves from the port of Dafni. Here on this watercolor of Christos Baloukos a small group of pilgrims are leaving the small boat and touch the ground of Athos for the first time. For me, even after 13 visits, this moment is a very special one: the first step on Athos soil again gives an extraordinary feeling, difficult to describe. On the scene above this moment is frozen in time.

Leaving from Dafni on the big boat Axion Estin during a thunderstorm on Oktober 4th 2019 – photo by Wim Voogd

The (other) paintings of Christos Baloukos are also on display in the luxury Capital Hotel MGallery Collection in Athens, where you can see art of many well known Greek artists of the last 100 years. Christos is very proud to have a big painting on every floor.

Wim Voogd, 8 September

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2166 – nice drone footage of Mount Athos in this trailer

The trailer is from this site from Andrei Oprescu.


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