1907 – Photographs by Frank Horlbeck

Vatopedi, trapeza, 1981
Photo’s by Frank Horlbeck from an exhibition held in the US (Chazen Museum of Art, Wisconsin) earlier this year which included about fifty digital prints made from a collection of over 20,000 slides and digital images to tell the story of Mount Athos in four distinctive sections: Monks and the Rituals of Daily Life; Sacred Landscape and Monastic Enclosure; Architecture and Sacred Space; and Icons.
Lavra, trapeza, 1986
Exhibition Text: A monk reverently sits at a table in the dimly lit trapeza (dining hall) of the Lavra, where the T-shaped plan with an apse, curved sigma (C-shaped) tables from the 10th century, and frescoed walls from floor to ceiling deliberately evoke the sacred space of a church interior. 

Old kitchens in Lavra , 1968
The photographer, Emeritus Professor of Art History, Frank Horlbeck has made documented all aspects of the landscape, architecture and life of the monks during frequent extended visits to the Holy Mountain between the 1970s and 2015.

A cell at Dionysiou 1979
A very nice image, read here the exhibition text.
Skulls in the ossuary of Podromos, 1986
Fire in Karakalou, june 14th 1988. The photographer witnessed a remarkable moment when lightning struck in the night.
Exhibition text: Frank Horlbeck awoke at midnight to the sound of lightning striking the
southeast wing of Karakalou. The following morning he captured the smoke rising from the rubble. The walls of the monastic enclosure appear impenetrable from the outside, but their wooden structure makes them vulnerable to fire. The monastery is centered around the church, shown here in the foreground with a tall dome, while the guest house, refectory, and monastic cells for sleeping and solitary prayer line the perimeter wall.

Chilandariou in 1981
The complete photo collection of the exhibition by Frank Horlbeck you will find here.

Herman Voogd

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1906 – Corrodi’s nocturnal ascent on Mount Athos

Hermann David Salomon Corrodi (1844-1905) was an Italian artist, based in Rome, who painted mainly Oriental and historical scenes. He travelled a lot in the Orient, was popular in royal circles and even became befriended with Queen Victoria. In the last month or even the last days of his life he made this picture of Athos; the nocturnal ascent on mount Athos. He died on January 30, 1905. So this ascent must have been one of his very last paintings. As a forbearing of his own ascent.

Pilgrims who have made the ascent to the top of Mount Athos, even those who climbed it during daytime, know that Corrodi hasn’t painted it in situ. The landscape, the church and the stairs are a product of his fantasy. He painted it in his Roman studio.  But probably not from sketches he made before, like his Oriental paintings. The hermits hut clung on the steep rock like a birds’ nest is an interesting detail. The seven monks with their lamps and walking sticks lead the viewer to the ascent.

Bas Kamps

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1905 – new Bulgarian documentary film about Athos: “The Garden of Theotokos”?

Last week I received an email from Silvia Stoyanova, producer of PavloFFilms. This is what she wrote to me to promote their new film about Athos:

“Our film is made for a wider audience as from the start we decided that we want to send it out to film festivals. We made our film for a non-religious audience, people interested in foreign culture and traditions. The religious theme is presented objectively. Our film is a glimpse into the life of this unknown community presented in a way that outsiders can understand and see how monks live”.

It looks as most of the filming has been done in the Bulgarian monastery Sografou in 2013. And the documentary film will go with English, Greek and Russian subtitles. So the Athos community will be treated with yet another fine film about the Holy Mountain, it looks very promising! To finish the film they started a crowdfunding on this site . A financial support is asked because is $6,000 is needed (thanks Vasilis for your comment).

The trailer of “The Garden of Theotokos”

From the same film company I found these clips about the Easter preparations on Athos:

Preparations before the service on Good Friday at Zograf monastery, Mount Athos

Scene from the documentary “The Garden of Theotokos”: Monks from Sografou monastery are painting Easter eggs

Making the traditional sweet Easter bread at Sografou

Procession with the icon Axion Estin on Easter Monday

Wim Voogd, 22/4

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1904 – ΧΡΙΣΤΟΣ ΑΝΕΣΤΗ / Christos Anesti!

Easter liturgy in the Protaton in 1958, photographed by Chrysostomus Dahm, who published them in 1959 in his book Athos, Berg der Verklärung.126 Dahm Protaton Easter celebrations016 Dahm Protos en Gouverneur Konstantopoulos bisschop Nathanael in ProtatonGouverneur Konstantopoulos and Protos Nathanael in the Protaton127 Dahm Protaton during Easter monk with candles128 Dahm monks singing during Easter service129 Dahm Protaton protos iconostasis Easter130 Dahm a look between the Kingsdoors Protaton131 Dahm monk with censer Easter Protaton132 Dahm monks bending their heads at the censer133 Dahm ending of the Easter ceremonies with Protos NathanaelThe ending of the Easter ceremonies: a meeting in the Iera Kinotis with Protos Nathanael134 Dahm to the Easter procession135 Dahm monk with semantron walking in front of the Easter processionDahm: monk with semantron walking in front of the Easter procession. Notice the monk with a camera in the middle.124 Dahm the Axion Estin procession at Easter ProtatonThe Axion Estin procession at Easter in Koutloumousiou123 Dahm Koutloumousiou father Cherubim at EasterFather Cherubim from Koutloumousiou at Easter

Wim Voogd, 16/04/17 (thanks to Jitze who lended me his book)

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1903 – Koutloumousiou monastery -1

September 23th 2015 we paid a visit to this monastery. In this photo essay I will show you the pictures I took. Here is a plan of monastery and its surroundings:koutloumousiou planand on the next satelite picture you see the spots where I took the photos:nikon Koutloumousiou spots 2Koutloumousiou can be reached from Karyes in a 10 minutes walk. Before leaving Karyes a visit to the bakery is a must.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPhoto Jitze BakkerDSCN7401 (Large) Karyes: the bakeryDSCN7418 (Large)Near the monopati to Koutloumousiou: an ‘Athos’ ambulance: I hope you don’t need it!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESLeaving Karyes (photo Jitze Bakker)DSCN7421 (Large)The gate to Koutloumousiou: the monopati on the right leads to Filotheou (see the light blue pin on the satelite picture above, in the left upper corner). SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESPhoto Jitze BakkerDSCN7420 (Large)Soon after the gate this house appears (spot on the satelite photo above) on your right hand and a little furtherDSCN7419 (Large)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESon your left hand, this building (spot B).DSCN7422 (Large)The same building,with a chapel for Ag. Nikolaos, at spot B, seen from the other site. DSCN7423 (Large)The monastery seen from the garden (spot C)DSCN7424 (Large)Another house in the setting of the monastery, where the garden ends, at a crossing of some dirt roads (near spot C).DSCN7426 (Large)DSCN7427 (Large)DSCN7431 (Large)three more houses, at spot D, DSCN7425 (Large)near the monopati to the Paisios dwelling ‘Panaghia’.DSCN7428 (Large)Maintaining the garden. DSCN7417 (Large)The entrance to the monastery (spot E). DSCN7474 (Large)DSCN7470 (Large)The water fountain in front of the entrance (B1 on the plan – first picture above).DSCN7473 (Large)A text above the water source.

Wim, 14/4

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1902 – Monastic transport

It is 32 years ago, april 1985. A transport of grey and red bearded monks from Pantaleimonos. Picture by Raymond Geldermans.

Bas Kamps

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1901 – documentary ‘Athos Im Jenseits dieser Welt’: now on YouTube and TV (15-04)

The documentary ‘Athos Im Jenseits dieser Welt‘ is now to be seen on YouTube as a ‘screener’. As soon as the DVD was available on Amazon.com I bought it and showed it to my fellow pilgrims, who will be visiting Athos May this year. They all were really impressed, this is one of the best Athos films ever!

I was surprized to find a screener on YouTube (thanks Hans), so soon after the release of this documentary, so I do not know if this legal. If it is not legal, I will remove the link immediately from our weblog. But if it proves to be legal, I would still advice all our readers to buy the DVD on this site (or this one), because it is worth seeing in high quality on your own television set and show it to your friends and family!

April 15th this documentary is broadcasted in two episodes on German television (Arte) – Athos- Die Republik der Mönche (20.15 h.) and Der Berg der Mönche (21.05 h.) – thanks Jan Paul.

Wim, 24/3

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