1882 – winter on Athos!

It keeps on snowing on the Holy Mountain: many beautiful and rare photo’s appear on the internet, such as these from Karyes and the Protaton and the Holy Epistatia building:karyes-protaton-en-tower-9-1-2017karyes-tower-and-epistatia-9-1-2017karyes-protaton-9-1-2017and the main road and hotel in Karyes, with large icicles! karyes-9-1-17-restaurantdafni-1Here a picture from the quay in Dafni, what a different way to start a pilgrimage! (photo from Monastiriaka, thanks).
nea-skiti-10-1-2017Snow paints Nea Skiti  white (photo father Eusebios)dionysiou-portico-10-1-2017The portico in Dionysiou almost filled up by drifting snow

And – ofcourse – small and large snowmen in Nea Skiti and Sografou.

Wim Voogd, 10/1/2017

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1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

album-de-mont-athosA very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:karyes-1913-thomasHere are some more photos from this album:kavsokalivia-posing-monks
It seems that all the monks of the Kafsokalivia skiti have been asked to pose for the photographer. dafni-1913The main harbour of the peninsula: Dafni with a large sailingship.bogoroditsa-windmillThe old Russian settlement of Bogoroditsa with a, now disappeard, typical Greek windmill on the hill.iviron-1912-bridgeFinally the Iviron monastery with high up the hill Karyes and in the foreground the large stone bridge over the river. iviron-old-and-new-bridgeThe middle part of the large stone bridge is no longer present in 2013, a new green bridge has replaced the old one.
For the complete Album du Mont Athos go to the very nice Athos Library site with many other books about the Holy Mountain, mainly in Greek.

 Herman Voogd

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1880 – a white Christmas on Athos

nea-skiti-7-1-2017-christmas-1Father Eusebios from Nea Skite posted these photo’s today on his Facebook with this text:

“No need to dream, we have our white Christmas, wow”!nea-skiti-7-1-2017-christmas-2

Thanks Father Eusebios for sharing these beautiful photo’s!


Wim Voogd, 7/1

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1879 -photo essay about Athos in The Guardian

the-guardian-athos-photo-essay-5-1-2017Today this photo essay about Athos is published by The Guardian, with nice photos by Rick Findler.the-guardian-karoulia-5-1-2017the-guardian-karoulia-detail-5-1-2017Wim, 5/1

(and, ofcourse, a happy New Year!, and thanks GJ)

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1878 – the closing down of a leading Athos blog: Agioretikes Mnimes – Athos Memories by Keliotes

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESOn the 21th of December 2016 my good friend Giannis Kontsiotis  – also called Keliotes – decided to close down his Athos weblog because of his age and health issues. He started with this blog, and later changed to Agioretikes Mnimes, where, in the eight years, he produced 9484 posts (!) about the Holy Mountain, an incredable achievement. Although for me it sometimes is difficult to read the Greek texts, it provided a goldmine of information about Athos and we frequently exchanged content and pictures for our weblogs: so we owe him a lot and thank him for the meticulous and unique work for the Athos community ! We will miss his weblog very much and we wish him all the best in the future.

I met Giannis last year in kelli Maroudá (picture above) and I hope to see him next year in May on the Holy Mountain.

To Giannis – and all our readers ofcourse – a very good and healthy 2017!

Wim Voogd, 31/12

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1877 – Athos film with drone scenes

In this recent beautiful Russian film you will see some different places of Mount Athos, like the Russian settlement of Thebais, Panteleimonos, Chilandar, Old Athoniada ruins, Vatopedi, Iviron, The top of Holy Mountain, etc, that are filmed by a drone. The film is made by photographer Valery Bliznyuk and priest Andrei Bliznyuk (Thanks Nathaniel).

Wim, 26/12

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1876 – Eight unknown spots in Athos

In recent posts we showed some of the earliest negatives from the year 1853, by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. We don’t recognize all the place the pictures were taken. They were shot in a time when it was still very expensive to take a picture. So they must have been made with special attention and a special meaning.
Who recognizes a monastery, a kellion or a skete, on these rare, antique, photos? Some of the pictures might be mirrored horizontally.2-1853nr. 1: According to Jema this is Arhangeli,Kukuzelisa with Lavra in the background.4-1853nr. 2: it could be a group of houses near Zographou, according to the architecture and the shapes of the surrounding hills. Dragen names it Paraklis Evangelismos .7-1853nr. 3: we see a broad path. It could be somewhere between Dafni and Karies. We don’t recognise the fountain along the road. The tops of the cypresses suggest a building or cemetery nearby.8-1853nr. 4: a wide open space, some low buildings. A wooden building in the left. A field that is recently ploughed. Anyone?21-1853nr. 5: which monastery could this be? The shapes are very Athonian. The structure reminds us of Grigouriou. According to Wim this might be the katholicon of Docheiariou:dscn2798

23-1853nr. 6: the straight and sharp building makes us think about Xiropotamou. But we ‘re open for suggestions.1-1853nr. 7: probably the open structure with the cupola contains an icon or other holy objects. The pillars, they seem to be carried by doglike animals, are quite typical and can reveal its location. arsanas-vatopedinr. 8: According to Dragan these are boathouses at the arsanas of Pantocratoros, see photo below/red arrow.pantocratoros boathouses.pngWith your help we hope to name and place these pictures?!
Bas Kamps (and the last photos by Herman Voogd)

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