1840 – (old) images of Russian settlements on Athos

Chromitsa around 1910 (Large)Chromitsa around 1910chromitsaChromitsa and Bogoroditsa – Xylourgou (thanks Giannis)Paleomonasterio 1988 (Large)Paleo Monastir 1988Panteleimon 2 1835 (Large)Panteleimon 1835Panteleimon 4 1861 Lithograph (Large)Panteleimon 1861 LithographPanteleimon 3 prior to 1862 from refectory (Large)Panteleimon prior to 1862 (from refectory)Panteleimon 5 from kellio Panteleimon Karyes before 1886 (Large)Panteleimon: from kellion Panteleimon Karyes, before 1886Panteleimon 6 1871 (Large)Panteleimon construction of the South wing, 1871Panteleimon 7 1886 (Large)Panteleimon 1886Panteleimon 8 1895 - 1908 (Large)Panteleimon 1895Panteleimon 1 1986 (Large)Panteleimon 1986

Wim, 27/8

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1839 – Hermit cells

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1838 – Russian Mt Athos climber found safe and sound

1500 m1500 meter
A 55-year-old Russian national reported missing last Thursday after embarking on a climb of Mount Athos in northern Greece with a group of other mountaineering enthusiasts was found on Saturday safe and in good health.
Panaghia shelter at 1500 meter and the top of Mt. Athos.
During their climb on Thursday, the group of climbers had stopped at a mountain shelter at an altitude of 1,500 meters for a rest before continuing but the 55-year-old had stayed behind.
When they returned to the shelter the 55-year-old was gone.ouranoupolis
Port of Ouranoupolis
A search was launched but eventually the 55-year-old was found at the port of Ouranoupoli.Dafni
Dafni ferries.
He told police he had gotten confused and taken the ferry there from Dafni, the port at Mount Athos.
dafni xeropotamou
Dafni seen from Xeropotamou.

Text Ekathimerini 20th august 2016, photo’s Herman Voogd

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1837 – Watercolours by Serbian artists of the ruins of Vasiliou

Saint Basil
In 2015 we entered Mount Athos by boat from Ierissos. We passed the ruins of the small monastery of Saint Basil or Vasiliou. Vasiliou belongs to the Serbian monastery of Chilandariou.
Milutin tower
A couple of hundred meters inland the Milutin tower named after a Serbian king,  dominates the landscape. Beneath it,  the vineyards of the Chilandariou monastery which is, on foot, a half hour away.
Milutin and Vasiliou
Milutin tower and Vasiliou, photo taken from the Ierissis boat, which was shaking wildly because of the rather high waves. The boat brought us to Vatopedi. Later that day we walked to Sografou.Vasiliou, islet, Milutin
The next day, when we walked the path high up the hills from Sografou to Chilandariou, suddenly we had a great view on the ruins and the tower with the islet of Aghios Vasilios in the middle. This beautiful place is an inspiration for painters especially Serbian artists. Here are some examples:

Stevan Arsic 2 Milorad Maravic
Watercolours by Stevan Arsic and Milorad Maravic: Saint Basil’s

Stevan Arsic Vojislav DimitrijevicStevan Arsic and Vojislav Dimitrijevic
V. Dimitrijevic
Vojislav Dimitrijevic: Saint Basil’s
Dragomir Todorovic Branko Babic
Milutin tower by Dragomir Todorovic and Branko Babic
Zdravko Mandic
Zdravko Mandic: The Way
In the catalogue Journey to the Mountain: Aquarelles of the Holy Mountain by 26 Serbian Artists (2006) all the watercolours can be admired.

Herman Voogd

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1836 – Ouranoupolis in the rain

Saloniki raining                 Saloniki rain
When arriving at Makedonia airport in september 2015 it was raining very hard. Water flowed through the streets of Thessaloniki. But we safely reached the busstation by taxi and took the bus to Ouranoupolis, the town in Chalkidiki were the pilgrimage to Mount Athos normally starts.
Ouranoupolis after the rain
The rain was still pouring when we saw the tower of Ouranoupolis. Streams of mud colored the sea water brown.
athos borderWhen the wetter cleared a little bit we walked, as we do every year when we are in Ouranoupolis, to the Athos border. This time we climbed the hill in front of the stone borderwall which runs into the sea. The two figures on the peer are policeman who are guarding the border but now probably fishing.

After 4 days on Athos we returned to Ouranoupolis. It was sunny again, as it was during our stay at the Holy Mountain.

Ouranoupolis tower
The Ouranoupolis tower in full sunlight.

To get an impression of Ouranoupolis I filmed the boulevard along the beach with a small chapel,  many restaurants, bars and the ticketoffice for the ferry to Athos. At the end of the footage we meet our fellow pilgrims.

Herman Voogd

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1835 – reservation by email: modern times on Athos?

I think there is no pilgrim who had no difficulties to make a swift and easy reservation to spend a night in monastery. The reason? They still use the oldfashioned fax. Eather you do not get connexion, or it might be that the fax machine is out of order or monks just don’t answer your fax message.

This is why it is hopefull to see that more and more monasteries and skites throw the fax machine finally out and start to communicate by email. I have been collecting email adresses in the past time and with the help of our reader Aljaž I have collected some adresses.

The big question is, is this list complete? Who can help us to add more email adresses, to provide our readers with the most up-to-date information ? Please help us and sent a commend or email.



We have 14 adresses of monasteries now, we are doing a good job, still 6 to go (25/8).


Nea Skiti: eugeniosathos@gmail.com


Timiou Stavrou – Father David: crest1969@hotmail.com

I did not have any suitable pictures for this post, that’s why I will share the recent pictures of something totally different: on the Dutch Athos Facebook site of Vasilis I found the rare pictures of monk Eusebios Christofi from Nea Skiti, who has been digging up the bones of Father Dimitrios last Monday, who died three years ago.Father Dimitrios excavated by Eusebios Christofi july 2016 1Father Dimitrios with his hat (and his artificial hip)Father Dimitrios excavated by Eusebios Christofi Ne Skiti July 2016 2Father Dimitrios’ bones spread out on a kitchen table

Wim, 1/8-update (I will be on a summer holiday till 21/8)

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1834 – Athos film from Dutch pilgrims april 2016

film Peter Ariese april 2016My fellow Athos pilgrim Peter Ariese, who visited Athos in 2011 for the first time together with our group, came back to the Holy Mountain April this year, this time joined by his brother and Albert Hollander, who made this video.The group agreed on sharing this video with the visitors of this weblog. It is compilation of pictures and film, dubbed by friendly Greek and religious music from Vatopedi. The Athos pilgrimage starts at 2.40”. Their visit started with one day delay, because the boats didn’t sail from Ouranopolis, due to stormy weather.


Wim, 20/7

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