1895 – Drawings by Edward Lear

inscribed-and-dated-chiliandarion-17-sept-1856Chilandariou in 1856 by Edward Lear (London 1812-1888 San Remo).chilandariou-2009
Chilandariou in 2009. Restoring the monastery after the fire of 2004.inscribed-xenophonta-in-greek-and-inscribed-and-dated-16-sept-1856
Edward Lear, 16th September 1856, Xenofontos.xenofontos-2015Xenofontos 2015.

Herman Voogd

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1894 – The entrance of Vatopedi

vatopedi-1903 1903 Fougheres & Merle

1918 F. Cuville
Date unknown
1928 R. Byron
vatopedi-20152015 H. Voogd

Herman Voogd

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1893 – arsanas Karakalou

iviron-karakalou-coast-path-7-54-km-kopie-2September 24th 2015 we hiked the coastal trail between Iviron and Karakalou. Today we take a closer look at arsanas Karakalou. I forgot to mention that if you pass Mylopotamos, I would advice to walk to the vineyards instead of taking the detour along the dirt road going landinwards. It is much shorter and much more intesting to visit the winery and walk through the vineyards!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESArsanas Karakalou arsanas-karakalou-photosArsanas Karakalou: with three buildings, from left to right,boathouse (1), a second boathouse (2) and the defence tower (3).dscn7556-largedscn7557-largeThe first (white) boathouse (1), still under constructiondscn7560-largeBuilding two and the tower (North side)dscn7559-largeThe tower (East – sea -side)dscn7562-largedscn7563-largeThe tower – South and West side. The building is not accessible.dscn7564-largeNot far from the tower the monopati to Karakalou starts: walking time: 25′. dscn7568-largeThe original and fine monopati, wrongly not often used.dscn7569-largeHere is a crossing of two paths, looking back in the direction of the arsanas. It looks like you should NOT take the left turn, because of the obstacles raised, but the opposite is true! dscn7571-largeThe path continues towards Karakaloudscn7572-largeNear Karakalou: the kitchen gardens and signpost back to the arsanas: 20′!dscn7573-largeArriving at Karakalou, where we met ‘our’ Dutch monk from Holland, Pachomios. He is one of the few black monks on the Holy Mountain. He grew up in The Hague,  originally coming from Surinam (photo 2014).  pachomiosWim Voogd, 10/2

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1892 – arsanas Filotheou

iviron-karakalou-coast-path-7-54-kmkopieIn 2015 we hiked 7,5 km’s from Iviron to Karakalou, passing Mylopotamos, arsanas Filotheou and later, arsanas Karakalou. Today I will present to you the pictures I took from arsanas Filotheou (see in the red dot above) and the small chapel in its surroundings, Agias Triados.

On the map below you can see where I took the photo’s.arsanas-filotheou-photo-mapDSCN7538 (Large).JPGThis first picture is an old signpost pointing to Karakalou, Provata, Filotheou and Lavra. Unfortunately the old monopati disappeard, so we had to hike over dirt roads. Only the last part, from arsanas Karakalou to the monastery is a beautifull monopati.dscn7540-largeArsanas Filotheou – there are five buildings on this picture, on the map below A- 1, B- 1, C- 2 and D- 1.google-maps-arsanas-filotheoukopiedscn7541-largeBuilding A is probably one the most ugliest buildings on the whole peninsula. A concrete and brick warehouse, with broken glass in the windows and complete deserted. Not a prize winning spot!dscn7542-largeBuilding B: a boathouse with a ramp and a suffusion, used by fishermen. It looks like it is under construction.dscn7543-largeTwo old buildings at spot C: probably old boathouses, with dwelling house on top of them.dscn7544-largeThe two boathouses seen from the rear.dscn7545-largeThe boathouse with the new rooftiles.dscn7546-largeAnd just a couple of meters further: the small chapel along the coast, Agias Triados.dscn7547-largedscn7549-largeAccording the information of Giannis Kontsiotis Facebook site this holy water from the “panaghia Glykophiloúsas”well. dscn7548-largeA mosaic of a special icon of the panaghia Glykophiloúsas caressing her son Jesus.dscn7550-largeThe panaghia Glykophiloúsas chapeldscn7551-largeWhen you continue the path/dirt road to the South, another (small and ugly) boathouse shows up, totally build in concrete.dscn7552-largeAnd not far from the last spot: a ruined (boat?) housedscn7553-large and at this place (the two pins on the right side of the second image in this post), an ancient brigde is to be seen. Once the bridge was part of the old monopati leading to Lavra. I hope that this trail once will be restored to its former glory. dscn7554-largeThe old bridge.dscn7555-largeAnd next is the arsanas of Karakalou, on the left on the map below.google-maps-arsanas-filotheou-2Wim, 8/2

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1891 – Prize winning photo’s

dr-nicholas-exadaktylos-dionysios-1971If there was such a thing as a Athos photo contest this photograph by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos shot in 1971 would be my number one. A simple but unmistakably Athos image of Dionysiou, nice composition, beautiful grey colours, the cracks in the wall. I love it.
dr-nicholas-exadaktylos-simonaspetras-1971This one by the same photographer is also very nice. Never saw SimonasPetras taken from this angle. It is clear that the photographer had a good eye, very artistic.
See the holes in the wall were the balconies used to be. The building was in a deplorable state in 1971 but that is all behind us now. Today the balconies are back again and you can walk around the building by using he balconies.

Herman Voogd

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1890 – Kaliagra (arsanas Koutloumousiou)

Kaliagra was the principal point of entry to Athos up to the middle of the 20th century. It’s decline started when people started using the Ouranoupolis-Dafni route to visit Athos.

The pictures show you how the decline looks like.

kaliagraThis postcard showes Kaliagra in the beginning of the last century (?), with its balconies still intact.kaliagra-galaiagra-mount-athos-1971-photoEven on this picture from 1971, made by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos, the buildings and balconies are still in situ.

How different were things in 2009: the small building on the picture from 1971 is almost washed away by the sea and the large arsanas tower with its annex are allmost in ruins. The balconies disappeared totally and windows are gone. The scaffoldings tell us that they had already a plan for the future…. kaliagra-2015And this is how it looks now: the buildings are newly renovated: the balconies are back and the scaffolding are gone! The building is now protected against the waves by walls which are placed in the sea.

Wim Voogd, 6/2

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1889 – Panteleimonos in 1971

panteleimonos-1971dr-nicholas-exadaktyPanteleimonos monastery in 1971. This photo was taken by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos (thanks to Nathaniel). panteleimonos-2015-hv-restoredFrom the same spot but now taken in 2015 after the complete restoration.dr-nicholas-exadakty-panteleimonos-1971 The guesthouse in 1971 by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos.2015-panteleimonos-fullet-restored-hvIn 2015 photo by Herman Voogd. panteleimonos-1971-exadaktyThe refectory with the tower in 1971 by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos.panteleimonos-tower-2009-hv
The same tower in 2015.panteleimonos-exadakty-1971A view on the church and courtyard. On the left the ruins of the  vip guesthouse destroyed by fire in 1968. Photo by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos 1971. Behind the tower the ruins of the entrance wing.panteleimonos-2009-foto-jitze-bakkerIn 2009 when this photo was taken by Jitze Bakker the vip guesthouse at the backwing and the entrance were already restored.dr-nicholas-exadakty-panteleimonos-1971-gateThe entrance (maingate)by Exadaktylos in 1971.

The historical collection of 1971 Athos photos  by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos are to be found here on Panoramio. But maybe not for long because Panoramio is closing.


Herman Voogd

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