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2279 – a hidden gem: the Treasury of Vatopedi

Not many pilgrims know this, but in an inconspicuous building next to the Trapeza of Vatopedi is one of the most interesting places of Athos, the Treasury of Vatopedi, with numerous artifacts of the highest quality, worth displaying in a … Continue reading

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2175 – Athos related Portable Icons part 3

The miracle of discovering the place of Holy Water. The source of Athanios on the road to Lavra. Triptych with amongst others the Panagia (Virgin Mary) Vrefokratousa, Christ Child, Saint Efthimios, Saint Onoufrios, Saint Savvas, Spyridon. Two standing saints. Left: … Continue reading

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2174 – Athos related Portable Icons part 2

I have scanned the Athos Digital Heritage database on Portable Icons that have a direct connection with the Holy Mountain. Here is the second part. First the title, then the year when it was made and finally the owner of … Continue reading

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2173 – Athos related Portable Icons

 A new initiative of the The Holy Community of Mount Athos is online, Athos Digital Heritage. A digital repository with 300,000 objects, such as manuscripts, historical documents, photographs, books, and icons. It is a fantastic source for the Orthodox world, … Continue reading

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1763 – Around Zografou (second day, first leg)

The morning started with my coronation as king of snoring. It is surprising to have a won a prize without any awareness. Pilgrim Herman went to the monastic kitchen to find some food to bring along. He came back empty … Continue reading

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