1799 -the grapes from St. Simeon’s vine: help needed!

Today I received the Enlish translation of the instructions from monk Nicolai of Chilandariou, many thanks to him. He used the e-mailadresss pilgrims@hilandar.org. Here is the PDF: English text instructions grapes of Simeon.

Chilandariou grapes

DSCN2514In post 1618 I told the story of the grapes of St. Simeon at Chilandariou: it is believed that the dried raisins have wonderous results and help women with fertility problems.One of our readers got hold of the dried raisins and asked us for our help because the instructions are in the Serbian language and in Cyrillic. Who can help translating the following texts in English? or is there an English version available?

Chilandariou grapes instructions 1

Chilandariou grapes instructions 2Chilandariou grapes SimeonSt. Simeon  (Stefan Nemanja)

Wim Voogd, 9/3

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3 Responses to 1799 -the grapes from St. Simeon’s vine: help needed!

  1. Nick says:

    Hi Wim,

    I’m a Serbian and I doubt that there are instructions in English available online.. Those raisins are truly helping with fertility problems, but, the main condition we have to fulfill is faith. It’s not problem for God to perform a miracle, but what’s the point of experiencing or seeing the miracle if we have no faith or if that miracle won’t bring us closer to God?

    Why I’m saying this is because, the person who is planning to use the raisins has to pray, fast & truly believe that miracle will happen. Or better to say, to completely rely on God and have no any doubt that God will help him. Some people may say it’s a autosuggestion, but still, they cannot explain how those grapes are growing directly from the Church stone and helping people who medically cannot have kids… or even woman’s who have their reproductive organs removed by a surgery (cancer surgery for instance). Truly a miracle!

    I’ll translate the instructions, but I need to know is the reader who got the raisins an Eastern Orthodox?

    I never visited Mount Athos before and I’m planning to go soon, so I desperately need an advice regarding hiking from monastery to monastery. If you could please answer to few of my questions, send me an email to my mail address listed here and I’ll send you the questions.

    Thank you


  2. Ika says:

    Please write on pilgrims@hilandar.org they will send you instructions on english language .

  3. athosweblog says:

    The problem is solved!

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