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2102 – Guest Rooms

Every monastery and skiti have a room were pilgrims are welcomed, most of the time with Greek coffee, water, loukoumi and tsipourou. This guest room in the Russian monastery was only for distinguished pilgrims. The place burned down in the … Continue reading

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1915 – The red chapel of Andreou

The history of the oldest chapel in the skiti of Andreou is written in post 1850. A short history in foto’s by Cuville (1918), Koolschijn (1970), Geldermans (1972), Wim Voogd (2015) en Herman Voogd (2017).Herman Voogd

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1852 – Skiti Andreou by Gerard Koolschijn

Photo by Gerard Koolschijn: Sk. Andreou, the red chapel,  in 1970 with Dutch writer Nicolaas Matsier (Tjit Reinsma) sitting on the stairs of the katholicon. Dutch writer and translater Gerard Koolschijn wrote in his autobiographical novel Geen Sterveling Weet how … Continue reading

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1804 – ‘God exists, naturally’ by Herman Hissink

Herman Hissink (1915-2011), on the right on the photo above,  worked as a teacher on a renowned Christian high school in The Netherlands. He wrote many diaries and letters during his lifetime. Some of these have been recently assembled in … Continue reading

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1726 – Panteleimonos in the 70ties

From the photo album of Gerard Koolschijn a selection of images of the Russian monastery of Panteleimonos. Dutch writer and translator Koolschijn went to Mount Athos in the early 1970ties with his schoolmates and highschool teacher Herman Hissink. It was … Continue reading

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1717 – Photo album from the nineteen seventies

Photo’s from the album of Dutch writer Gerard Koolschijn who went to Athos several times in the 1970ties together with his friends under the inspiring leadership of their highschool teacher Herman Hissink. In front of the winery of Mylopotamos with the … Continue reading

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1716 – Athos now and 45 years ago

Dionysiou in the 1970ties (photos by Herman Hissink) and in the winter of 2014/15. Dafni (1970ties) and in 2015. Ouranoupolis. The photo’s from the 1970ties are made by Dutch teacher Herman Hissink and are from a photobook by one of … Continue reading

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1703 – The first bus on Athos was a Mercedes

The road from the harbour of Dafni to the village of Karyes was build in 1963 when the millenium (963-1963) celebrations took place. Before that there was a path (monopati) and mules took the pilgrims to Karyes where they got … Continue reading

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1693 – The small village of Karyes

For a long time every pilgrim had to go to the town of Karyes to get final permission to stay on the holy mountain.  Nowadays the Athos passport is given in Ouranoupolis on the morning of departure. This picture of … Continue reading

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1686 – Paulou over the years

The black and white image of Paulou dates probably from the early 20th century. We can check the date by looking at the trees. A large cypress is hiding the kiosk at the entrance of the monasteryon the right of … Continue reading

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