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1958 – Death in the Serail

The Russian period in the Serail ended in a sad way because there came no fresh blood from the Soviet Union. It is described in various posts in the blog, for instance here.The tomb of the founder of the skete: Hegumen … Continue reading

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1945 – Maroudá, deepening insights.

A few more pictures to give you a more detailed impression of the kellion of Maroudá, which belongs to Chilandariou. The official title of the place is: “Holy Cell of the Nativity of the Mother of God”.A nicely decorated water … Continue reading

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1851 – The Russian skulls of skiti Andreou

When Raymond Geldermans travelled to the Holy Mountain in 1972 and in 1982 he found the skiti of Andreou, alias the Serail, completely in ruins. As Wim recently pointed out in recent posts the skiti still has its ruins. But … Continue reading

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1751 – more about the deserted kelli near Stavronikita

On our last day of our recent pilgrimage we hiked from Stavronikita to Karyes. Soon after leaving the monastery we encounterd a deserted building, see light blue pin on the map below, with latitude 40.2625 and longitude 24.2564. The deserted … Continue reading

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1750 – a room in a ruin….

 On our way from Stavronikita to Karyes we passed just one of the many ruins on Mount Athos. When I went in to take a closer look I found this collection of skulls in a room……. Wim, 28/9

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1680 – Memento Mori in Dionysiou

Just outside the gate of Dionysiou along the stone benches the path to Paulou starts. There are some old buildings on the left and a sea view on the right. The path narrows a bit and takes a sharp turn, … Continue reading

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1671 – Lakkou Skiti 2

Today we take a closer look at building nr 3 with its new church and the main church/ katholicon and the ossuary of the skete (A and B). Father Gabriel gave us the advice to visit the new church that … Continue reading

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1551 – Esfigmenou: the ossuary

When you leave the monastery and go West, you will first pass the gardens Here is picture of the gardens, shot towards the East. On the plan below you see buildings M5 (general store). The three buildings with the Psi … Continue reading

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1312 – Lavra: the ossuary area

On our way to Prodromou we made a quick visit to the Great Lavra monastery. Although I visited this spot a couple of times before, I’d never had a chance to find the ossuary. Before visiting these buildings outside the … Continue reading

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1176 – Zwergers book "Wege am Athos": old paths and deathly victims

Skulls of monks in the ossuarium of Bogoroditsa In Blog nr 1119 I wrote my first impressions about this book (buy it here!). It is not an easy task to make a summary of its contents, because mr Zwerger chose to write … Continue reading

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