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2123 – A pilgrim’s hike between Gomati and Megali Panaghia in Chalkidiki

Not only on Athos but also outside the Holy Mountain there are interesting trails to hike with more or less the same look and feel. Theodosios Simonopetritis, in response of our previous post about the pilgrim’s route to Ierissos, send … Continue reading

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2030 – new and old Athos books

Every time before I go for pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain I drop by my favorite bookstore of mr Drosinos in Ouranopoli, who established his store in 1974.  Mr Drosinos and his staff are very helpfull and patient and most … Continue reading

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2029 – two old bridges and the lost coast path between Iviron and Lavra

In post 1617 my brother Herman payed attention to the old path that connected the monasteries Iviron and Lavra before the dirt road was build, probably just before 1968, when Athos celebrated its 1000th anniversary.  The old kalderimi path is almost … Continue reading

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1892 – arsanas Filotheou

In 2015 we hiked 7,5 km’s from Iviron to Karakalou, passing Mylopotamos, arsanas Filotheou and later, arsanas Karakalou. Today I will present to you the pictures I took from arsanas Filotheou (see in the red dot above) and the small … Continue reading

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1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

A very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:Here are some more photos from this … Continue reading

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1730 – Approaching Iviron from the east

Coming from the winery of Mylopotamos it takes a half hour walk to reach the monastery of Iviron.  The route is not that interesting but the views are great. Below on the photo the spot where the Virgin went ashore.  … Continue reading

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1713 – Athos book from Poland 1908

On Europeana I found this complete book by X. Marcin Czerminski T. J. called Na górze Athos wśród mniszej republiki (The monastic republic of Mount Athos) in Polish. Here are some interesting photographs: This is again a photo of the … Continue reading

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1686 – Paulou over the years

The black and white image of Paulou dates probably from the early 20th century. We can check the date by looking at the trees. A large cypress is hiding the kiosk at the entrance of the monasteryon the right of … Continue reading

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1674 – The little bridge between Grigoriou and Dionysiou

When we walked from Gregoriou to Dionysiou in the fresh snow on the last day of the year 2014 I recognized this tiny bridge. It was the third time I was here. This time I crossed the bridge with my … Continue reading

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1645 – the hike from Karyes to Filotheou

After a short visit to Karyes (see 1641) and the bakery we continued our trip to Filotheou. Unfortunately my Nikon GPS camera had some problems, so I do have many pictures from the first part of this hike, which was … Continue reading

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