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1877 – Athos film with drone scenes

Shot from a drone of the Mount Athos summit with the shadow of the mountain cast upon the sea in the morning sun . In this recent beautiful Russian film you will see some different places of Mount Athos, like … Continue reading

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1854 – A meeting with an unknown Russian wandering monk (бродячая монах)?

(Picture by Raymond Geldermans, July 1960) In July 1960, when Raymond Geldermans pilgrimated from Iviron to Pantocrator he found a uninhabited house. In its neighbourhood he saw two monks. One of them was Russian. They started talking. The monk didn’t … Continue reading

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1820 – Russian documentary: “A thousand years on Mount Athos”

This recent documentary from 2016 in Russian show us the main Russian settlements on Mount Athos. As predicted the renovation activities are well on its way in 2015, to be prepared for the celebrations in 2016 and the long expected … Continue reading

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1779 – Russians 1000 years on Athos

The almost completely restored Russian monastery of Panteleimonos will be the place where the festivities 1016 – 2016 will take place. The first Russian monastery on Mount Athos was founded during the rule of Holy Prince Vladimir. The earliest written … Continue reading

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1702 – Rossikon and the top of Mt. Athos

This is one of the oldest prints of the Russian monastery of Panteleimonos or Rossikon. It is from a book by Mary Adelaide Walker called Through Macedonia to the Albanian Lakes published in 1864. The image is partially correct but … Continue reading

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1636 – A photo album of a French WW 1 soldier

A French airforce soldier made pictures at Panteleimonos and Xiropotamou during his stay there. This is the guestroom of Panteleimonos destroyed by fire in 1968. Here some other images of this room where VIP’s were welcomed.The forge or blacksmith’s shop of … Continue reading

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1626 – (Former) Russian settlements on Athos seen from the air

The yellow arrow points to the large skiti of Andreou or Serail in the village of Karyes. Once a Russian enclave now inhabited by Greek monks. The blue arrow gives a  nice image of the dirt road over the mountain … Continue reading

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