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2152 – Wood engravings by Schmied and Goulden

These colour-printed wood-engraved plates are made by Francois – Louis Schmied (1873 – 1941) after paintings by Jean Goulden (1878 – 1946) a major in the Eastern Army Corps of France. When Goulden stayed on Mount Athos during the 1st … Continue reading

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2147 – random photos and articles in chronological order – no 2

11. 1903 Photo by monk Gavriil from Panteleimonos, made on August 21, 1903, with a “revealing” image of the Mother of God (on the left). The photo was published in a Greek newspaper at that time. It still remains a … Continue reading

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1950 – Athos in French magazine “Le Miroir”

In 1917  a French Russian army occupied Mount Athos. On this picture from the French magazine Le Miroir a soldier, two monks and a Greek policeman are posing for the photographer, not at the monastery of Panteleimonos, as is suggested … Continue reading

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1829 – Athos in French magazine L’Illustration 1920 (1)

In December 1920 two  articles about Athos were published in the French magazine L’Illustration, one in the (extra thick) Christmis edition of December 4th and the second on December 25th 1920. Both articles describe the pilgrimage of the author Georges … Continue reading

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1709 – Athos pictures from a French photo album from 1917-1918

These pictures are from a privat photo album, shot during the First World War by a French “Aviateur”. He visited Athos at the same time as Gabriel Millet did, who published part of his pictures in his book “Monuments de … Continue reading

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1636 – A photo album of a French WW 1 soldier

A French airforce soldier made pictures at Panteleimonos and Xiropotamou during his stay there. This is the guestroom of Panteleimonos destroyed by fire in 1968. Here some other images of this room where VIP’s were welcomed.The forge or blacksmith’s shop of … Continue reading

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1473 – old Athos pictures/postcards

Here some new interesting pictures that I found lately: 1913:  colourised photo above shows guards of a Greek monastery in Mount Athos, after having repelled Bulgarian invaders (1913). Some are possibly monks and there is one Gendarme among them. 1918 … Continue reading

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1428 – more old pictures from Mount Athos

The facebook page of Haritopoulos Stathis is a goldmine for rare and old Athos pictures. Today I share some of his old pictures: and just as in our last post,I think I need the help of our readers, because Haritopoulos … Continue reading

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1181 – more pictures of the French on Mt. Athos 1918

More than three years ago we showed you in blog nr 211 some pictures of the French and their general Sarrail, who occupied Mt. Athos together with the Russians in 1918/1919. I will show you these pictures agian, now in a … Continue reading

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346 – Chilandariou 1914-1918

Unique Colour! photograph’s of the Serbian monastery by Fernand Cuville taken during WW1. Tour conjointe des maisons, dans la campagne: This tower is not within the compounds of the monastery. Is it still in the surroundings or in ruins? It … Continue reading

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