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1724 – pictures of Karakalou

We did not plan to stay in Karakalou during our 2014 trip to Athos, but because of a change of plans we ended up returning to this beautifull monastery. At first the Greek archondaris was not very pleased to see … Continue reading

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1721 – the hike from Provata to Timiou Stavrou

Today I will show you the last part of our hike of our 2014 trip in September. We started walking at the Moldavian kelli of Provata (A). A = Provata, B = Agios Georgios, C = Agios Artemios D = Timiou … Continue reading

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1720 – White Athos

Summer is here but I have some last winter pictures which I made on our trip to Athos in december/january 2014/15The totally unexpected short snowballfight we had in the courtyard of Gregoriou. Leaving Gregoriou walking to Dionysiou Dionysiou in sight. … Continue reading

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1715 – Provata

Between Karakalou and Lakkou Skiti lies the area called Provata. It is a settlement of a few larger kellions, f.e. Panaghia, St. George and St Andreou, witch were founded by mainly Slavic monks. The settlemnet we visited is one of the … Continue reading

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1707 – Mules or cars?

This is a scene you won’t see on the piers of Athos anymore. But in the 1940ties, when there were no cars  and distant monasteries had to be reached, visitors had to use mules for transportation. They even took the … Continue reading

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1705 – Hidden mountain

                            In summer Mt. Athos can be covered in clouds but a there is always a moment or a day that the mountain is clearly visible. When … Continue reading

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1704 – A miracle in Dafni

After a coffee in the café of Dafni, I went for a walk. The boys stayed around the harbour enjoying themselves with the kittens. We had to wait for our connecting boat to Ouranopolis. I wanted to explore in the … Continue reading

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1700 – Living on the edge and leaving Nea Skiti

Till the end of times we will remember that night in Nea Skiti. In the small room there were four beds, but no room to move. The four beds filled the whole room. We removed one camp bed temporarily to … Continue reading

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1699 – Lost in Nea Skiti

The walk from Paulou to Nea Skiti is short. But the walk in Nea Skiti was long and confusing. Because we didn’t know where to go. Since Lewis Carroll we understand that: “If you don’t know where you’re going, any … Continue reading

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1697 – the interior of kelli of Father Alexi in Cucuvinu / Provata

After the “warm” welcome with a cup of coffee and old winter coats (see 1669), Father Alexi invited us in to have a look in his house. Pligrim Jitze communicates by writing his name on a notebook.The house next to his … Continue reading

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