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2082 – Athos pilgrimage 2019: the hike from Prodromou to Kavsokalivia

Planning a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain is a necessity. Not only you’ll have make reservations for a place to sleep in a monastery or skete, you will also have book your trip by boat for Ouranopoli to Dafni and … Continue reading

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2004 – Semantrons in skites

AnnaKafsokalivia  Protaton AndreouProdromou Bas Kamps

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1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

A very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:Here are some more photos from this … Continue reading

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1827 – Fast unloading at Kavsokalivia

Herman Voogd  

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1682 – A detour to the harbour of Nelios

If your last day on Athos has arrived you have to take the ferry back to Ouranoupolis. A good advise is to take the ferry on its way to the ” village” of Kavsokalivia and not go directly to Ouranoupolis.  … Continue reading

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1525 – The tranquility of Kavsokalivia

Kavsokalivia is the return point for the boat from Dafni. It takes a short walk up hill, with a lot of stairs, to arrive there. The place is known for the icon painters. For me the place is one of … Continue reading

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1485 – How things change…..?

Dionysiou by Fred Boissonnas in 1928-30 and in 2013 by hv. Kavsokalivia 20th century and in 2013 Sk Andreou, before the large church was build (1900) and in 2013 Detail of the ruined part of Sk. Andreou (2013) hv

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