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1981 – Lavra, a close-up look

Time to take a close-up look at Lavra, to watch some details. The fountain in front of the catholicon was not working. The eagle spreads its wings. It doesn’t have two heads as might be expected. Below it we see … Continue reading

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1967 – insects, reptiles, mammals and a bird

Beetles on flowers with Megisti Lavra in the background. A bumble bee at Thibais. A grasshopper at Nea Skiti and a butterfly at Lavra. Flying ants at Karyes and a lizard with ants at Proto Nero. A dog at Marouda … Continue reading

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1658 – From Dionysiou to Paulou in the snow

This lovely cat followed us for a while on our way to Paulou/Nea Skiti on the first day of the year 2015.

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1412 – cats in monasteries

Sografou, Iviron, Sografou2x, Paleo Monastiro. hv  

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988 – cats

Every monastery has cats. This one is stretching himself in Iviron. Watch the typical Iviron yellow and the ancient stones in the background. Photo by hv sept. 2009. There were many cats in Sografu monastery. Sografu in front of the … Continue reading

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384 – Food for cats and dogs

Your webmaster (hv) with the dogs from Lavra Cat in front of the refectory from Lavra. Both pictures taken in may 2007. The nutricious diet on Athos is not only good for the monks bot also fo the animals: We … Continue reading

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