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2258 – a drone footage of Vatopedi and unique images of the ruins of the Kolitsou tower

Once again I am in the privileged position to show unique images of Athos. This time my much appreciated friend Monk T made drone images of the well-known monastery Vatopedi, where I stayed for a week with my friends from … Continue reading

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2250 – arsanas Chromitsa and the border buildings

On a half hour walk from Ouranopolis you will find the border to the Holy Mountain. Behind the fence there is a cluster of five buildings: one for a policeman (on the right when standing at the gate), a house … Continue reading

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2101 – The location of the Hospital of Panteleimonos

A rather rare Greek postcard from app. 1910 shows the inside of the hospital of Russian/Ukranian monastery of Panteleimonos. But how did it look from the outside? On this photograph made in 1917 by Millet a building on stilts is … Continue reading

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2023 – A walk along the border

This September I spent the holidays with my wife in the beautiful Skites Resort between Ouranoupolis and the Athos border. No plans to visit Athos but after some  time I felt the urge to make a long walk and see … Continue reading

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2012 – Windows

The most beautiful windows on Athos are those who are in a bad condition. Such as here in Skite Andreou. With natural plants on the windowsill.The torn curtains behind this window in Andreou create a spooky atmosphere.  But it can … Continue reading

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1840 – (old) images of Russian settlements on Athos

Chromitsa around 1910Chromitsa and Bogoroditsa – Xylourgou (thanks Giannis)Paleo Monastiro 1988Panteleimon 1835Panteleimon 1861 LithographPanteleimon prior to 1862 (from refectory)Panteleimon: from kellion Panteleimon Karyes, before 1886Panteleimon construction of the South wing, 1871Panteleimon 1886Panteleimon 1895Panteleimon 1986 Wim, 27/8

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1445 – Mylonas: Atlas of Athos, part 2: Panteleimon monastery

This substantial three-part work, published in 2000, provides a topographical, architectural and photographic record and survey of each Byzantine and Orthodox monastery on Mount Athos in Greece. The results of the long-term project are published in three fascicules. The first … Continue reading

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1428 – more old pictures from Mount Athos

The facebook page of Haritopoulos Stathis is a goldmine for rare and old Athos pictures. Today I share some of his old pictures: and just as in our last post,I think I need the help of our readers, because Haritopoulos … Continue reading

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1396 – a visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 5: wine tasting by Tsantali

The main goal to our visit to Chromitsa was a winetasting at the Tsantali winery. Mr Christos Bitsios, the Tsantali manager who kindly showed us around and explained us everything about the history of the Tsantali company and the Chromitsa … Continue reading

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1382 – a visit to Chromitsa 2011 nr 4

Today we take a closer look at the last two buildings of the Chromitsa metochi, numbers G and J on the map below: The large building G, with its different architecture with a large balcony that runs around it, the rounded … Continue reading

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