As you probably know, Athos weblog is NO commercial weblog.

But we would to give our readers the opportunity to order the photos made by monk T. from Simonospetras. He is an amateur photographer, and he asked me if he could share the pictures he made on Athos. You can order his photos through us.

Here is picture that I ordered:2018.001 SP in the cloudsPhoto 2018001 – Simonospetras in the clouds (70×40 cm -2009)

If you sent us an email (see the Links, 4th bullet) with the number of the picture you want to buy, I will forward your order to monk T.

Monk T. will let you how much the costs are: after the payment has been received by him he will print the photo (without the watermark) and sent it to you in a cylinder. The printed pictures differ in size, but the standard size of a print is 60 cm high en 40 cm wide. The prize depends on the size and the cost of sending by post (in a cylinder).

(Athos weblog acts as an intermediary and accepts no responsibility for the settlement of the purchase [quality, payment and shipping).