2210 – Athos by monk Theodosios: Nature – Animals [1]

To continue: from the extensive photo library of Theodosios:

Yellow-legged seagulls (Larus Michahellis) 1-7-2006 by Theodosios
Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) by Theodosios

Caterpillar of the butterfly ‘Old World swallowtail’ (Papilio machaon) 1-7-2004 by Theodosios
Bee-Hive Beetle (Trichodes alverius) on the flowers of Valerian 19-4-2004 by Theodosios
Horses and mules 11-6-2004 by Theodosios
Toad (Bufo bufo) by Theodosios
Jumping Delfins 24-7-2004 by Theodosios
A feather of a Jay 28-10-2005 by Theodosios
An Athos cat 8-3-2004 by Theodosios
Autumn color and a lonely mule: 8-12-2004 near Simonos Petras by Theodosios

Wim Voogd, Quatorze Julliet 2021

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