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2041 – the Cas Oorthuys photo collection from 1957 online

More than 10 years I published two posts in nr 646 and 649 about two articles from 1957 in the Dutch magazine Katholieke Illustratie, written by the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard, who was accompanied by the famous Dutch photographer … Continue reading

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1935 – Father Thalleleos

Father Thalleleos at Karoulia with Spyros Bafaloukos (1953-2015) who then had just finished his exams to enter the Medical School of the University of Athens. He later became a cardiologist. This photo was taken by his friend Nicholas Exadaktylos in … Continue reading

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1839 – Hermit cells

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1765 – Between Bulgaria and Serbia. Cosmas revisited (day two, second leg)

Mount Athos is one of the most peaceful places on earth. The turmoil of violent attacks or even war feels far away from the monasteries and the paths that connect them. The brutal outer macrocosm, its violent conflicts and worldly … Continue reading

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1025 – A secret peek into a deserted hermit cave part two

On the way from Chilandariou to Sografou, not too far from Sografou, on the three forked road is a red wooden cross. Pilgrim Jaap in the second cave, in with a bed could be projected. The interior of the hermitage … Continue reading

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1024 – A secret peek into a deserted hermitages cave part one

On the third day of our trip to Athos we (Herman, Jaap and Bas) walked from Vatopaidiou, via Esfigmenou and Chiliandariou to Sografou, the Bulgarian monastery. That’s a day’s walk. The fact that you need to carry all your luggage … Continue reading

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1001 – Hermits of Karoulia

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