2287 – more information about the new hotel and restaurant in Karyes

In post 2278 I showed you the images of monk Prodromos Grigoriatis, who visited the new hotel just after its opening on August 20th 2023. On September 24th I was in Karyes myself and had a chance to have a look too.

The most important news is: a double room costs 80 euro and a triple room 120 euro a night. I only found this telephone number: +30 231 601 9591 or +30 693 450 7743 (no email) of restaurant “Samaradiko”. Their website is still under construction: https://samaradiko.gr/.

The new building, belonging to Lavra, is located on the corner of the main square in Karyes, where the Protaton Church and the bell tower are located, and next to the cemetery and the small chapel of Ag. Nicolaou (no. 15) and the Ag. Shop Kosma and Ailolou (no. 13).

The new building at nr 14 on this map from Peter Howorth
The Protaton cemetary

The entrance to the hotel and restaurant is at the rear of the building, at the front there is a ‘souvenir’ shop and in the near future there will be a supermarket. You will find a small terrace where you can sit and have something to eat.

The souvenir shop
The terrace at the front door

Once inside there is a restaurant, where various (hot and cold) meals and (cold) drinks – even fresh orange juice – are served.

Gyros with patatas and a beer

The rooms on the first floor look like this: there is a simple but useful decoration of the rooms. It is clean with new beds and a bathroom with shower. For 40 euro a night it is a reasonable prize. There is even an elevator!

Wim Voogd, 2-11-2023

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  1. Alessandro Latini says:

    Thanks for the infos, how do you make a reservation? Is there an email address? Thank you.

  2. Vasilii says:

    Hi Wim! It’s Vasilii -we talked on the ferry boat from Athos to Ouranopoli! The phone number of the hotel +30 693 450 7743 (Dimitros)

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