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2277 – forest fire at Stavrós junction near Kerasia

Yesterday evening a fire broke out at a very remote point on Athos, near the junction called Stavrós, where the monopati from skiti Agia Anna and Lavra splits on goes up to the top of Mount Athos. The monks located … Continue reading

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2272 – forest fire extinguished near Lavra July 8th 2023

Last Saturday, July 8, 2023 at 7:00 a.m a forest fire broke out in the area of Gourounodes, 5 kilometers northwest of Megisti Lavra (near Lakkou Skiti?) without, however, threatening any monastery. The extinguishing operation involved four water cannons and … Continue reading

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2270 – a new discovery near Vatopedi monastery: an aqueduct!

In the morning of September 30th 2022 our FoMA footpath clearance team made an extraordinary discovery in the woods behind Vatopedi monastery. We followed the gravel road inland and first passed an apple orchard, where monks were busy harvesting: Soon … Continue reading

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2269 – FoMA footpath team 2022 – part 3.02: the Ridge path above Vatopedi to Chera

In the second part of our clearing day on September 28th 2022 we made a classical mistake that often happens when hiking on Athos, by paying no attention while walking on a dirt road and missing a sign in the … Continue reading

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2265 – a drone footage of a Pristine Territory of the Holy Mountain: the Réma Dontá cataracts

The Holy Mountain was founded in 963 with the construction of the Great Lavra Monastery by Saint Athanasios. Soon after, the rules of the Avaton were imposed: women were not allowed to enter this part of the world. After this, … Continue reading

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2255 – December 1st: 2022 heavy rains on Mount Athos / Dionysiou

This footage by IMDLEO.GR shows a sudden storm on December 1st 2022 near the monastery Dionysios on Mount Athos. You see the water storage tank that prevents the plaza from flooding and protects the shoreline from the swirling water and … Continue reading

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2245 – fire on Athos

Saturday moring, the 6th of August, a fire broke out in the olive orchard near Arsanas Konstamonitou / the cell of Agiou Pantes, where persumeably somebody wanted to burn some branches. The latest news of today is that the fire … Continue reading

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2229 – earthquakes near Athos Sunday 16th of January 2022

Monk Theodosios reported to me that earthquakes were felt on Athos today. “They occured in the sea south of the monastic community, some 33 km from Karyes, and had a magnitude of 5.4. The quake even rattled Attica, 225 kilometers … Continue reading

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2227 – snow on Athos 12-01-2022

One of the monks on Athos that I follow on Facebook is Prodromos Grigoriatis. He lives in Karyes and last year he was the first who shared the news with us about the new large building that is constucted in … Continue reading

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2220 – todays (8-9) forest fire near Mikra Agia Anna under control and extinguished

Today’s reports from Athos monks who keep a Facebook account (father Athanasios Karouliotis and Efthymios Volonakis-Vouleftiriotis) and from Vima Orthodoxias (in Greek) tell about the fire that broke this morning, the 7th of September 2021, that started near the harbor … Continue reading

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