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1937 – May 2017: the flight over Athos

This year I booked a flight above the peninsula of Athos to take aerial pictures. Because of busy times at  work I was not able to sort out all the pictures, that’s why it took some time to share them with … Continue reading

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1871 – The visit of Grigoriou (fourth day, fifth leg)

We walked down from Simonos Petras till the crossing where we left our luggage. At the crossing is a fountain and a stone bench. We drank greedily. There the path splits; to a broad path right down to the arsanas, … Continue reading

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1867 – The courtyard of Gregoriou

The courtyard of Gregoriou in 1853. Maybe the oldest or one of the oldest photographs of this monastery. The roofs of the exo-narthex in the middle and the refectory on the right are covered with slate. In 2011 the roof … Continue reading

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1664 – The “battle” of Gregoriou

After service and breakfast the elder monks returned to their rooms. It still was the start of the last day of the year. The young ones lingered in the snow. When one monk started the fight from the balcony, the … Continue reading

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1663 – The peaceful beginning of the last day of the year

The snow had come as predicted. It was quite a pack. Icicles were formed during the night. It was not very cold. Around freezing probably. The visibility was quite limited. The mountainous backdrop was invisible. It was still snowing lightly … Continue reading

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1661 – A night at Grigoriou

After a nutritious dinner in the monastery in the company of the monks and half a dozen workmen, we could unwind and prepare ourselves for the next day. I decided to try and make some pictures in the stormy night. … Continue reading

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1654 – todays pictures from Athos and best wishes for 2015 plus 2014 in review

Courtyard Gregoriou 31-12-2014 Dear readers, We just got some pictures from my brother Herman from Athos today. Pilgrim Bas: up to his knees in the snow! Grigoriou in the snow Webmaster Herman in Dionysiou at the last day of 2014 (15.00 … Continue reading

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