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2026 – How to preserve and keep the ancient paths of Mount Athos?

Greece has a long tradition in preserving ancient heritage. Even old roads, such as this one,  leading to Thessaloniki are kept in good condition for the future. This road is in the Museum of Modern Art in Thessaloniki. This nicely restored … Continue reading

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1795 – update online Athos map

With the help of the new Athos map  – as mentioned below in post 1794 – I updated the online Athos-map on Community Walk (also see Links in the right column of this blog). Wim Voogd, 21-02

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1718 – Monopatia

Many footpaths (monopatia) are unfortunately replaced by dirt roads. But there are still many to choose from.  The photo’s are from 2009 till 2015.Near Vatopedi in the direction of Esfigmenou. One of the nicest examples of a footpath on the … Continue reading

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1617- One remnant of the destroyed coast path between Iviron and Lavra: the Velas bridge

The long dirtroad from Iviron to Megisti Lavra was once of course a mulepath.  I think that after the millenium festivities in 1963 when the road Dafni Karyes was made that the bulldozering of the track began. I found a … Continue reading

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1515 – the monopati from Skiti Dimitriou to Bogoroditsa

Most paths on Mount Athos are either well kept by the Friends of Mount Athos (FoMA) or they are in a deploreable state, because no one ever walks them. Most of the time these paths totally disappear within a couple … Continue reading

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1460 – map with forgotten footpaths

This map showes some footpaths (……..) which I fear are no longer there. Reason is the continious bulldozering of the paths replacing them by dirtroads.  For years now the path from Lavra to Iviron is one long dirtroad, not interesting … Continue reading

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1439 – The stairs from Sk. Anna to the harbour

The guestquarters of Skiti Anna. To reach the harbour of the skiti you will have to take the stairs.                                   300 meters below you see the harbour (arsanas)                           … Continue reading

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