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2273 – Vatopedi: a walk around the monastery

During my week-long stay at Vatopedi Monastery with the FoMA footpath clearing team last year, I had time to walk around the monastery and take photos of the outer walls and towers (on September 28 and 30, 2022). Let’s start … Continue reading

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2262 – a drone footage of three towers of Mount Athos

This footage is made by monk T and shows three towers of the Holy Mountain: the first one is Palaiopyrgos, the ruins of an old tower between the arsanas of Sografou and Konstamonitou, for more information read this post on … Continue reading

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1996 – Kolitsoú: the tower of Kaletzi or Collegio

In this post from february 2015 I described all information that I could find on the internet about this extraordinary tower, that stands alone on the hill above the Rumenian Kolitsou settlement.  It is one of the few Katholic (besides the … Continue reading

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1874 – The coastal tower near Paulou

The coastal tower and ruins in 1853 with on the right the monastery of Paulou and on the left the southern slope of the mountain itself. In front,  part of an arch is visible, nowadays gone.  From a slightly different … Continue reading

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1836 – Ouranoupolis in the rain

                 When arriving at Makedonia airport in september 2015 it was raining very hard. Water flowed through the streets of Thessaloniki. But we safely reached the busstation by taxi and took the bus to Ouranoupolis, the town in Chalkidiki were … Continue reading

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1824 – Coastal towers along the monopati to Iviron (day three, final leg)

We left Stavonikita a bit against our will. We would have loved to stay a candlelit night here. But it was full so we made a reservation for Iviron, the next stop. A last view of the well restored Monastery … Continue reading

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1817 – book: Joice NanKivell Loch – A Fringe of Blue

In the small ‘library’of our summer holiday resort ‘Skitis Hotel-Bungalows’ I found this book of the wife of Sidney Loch, Joice NanKivell Loch, who lived in the tower until her death in 1981. The book is called  “A fringe of blue … Continue reading

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1681 – Renovations near Paulou

This is the monastery of Paulou situated at the foot of Mt. Athos. The tower near the beach is a defense tower probably from the Byzantine period. This photograph was taken a few years ago. The situation has changed since … Continue reading

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1677 – A man in Dionysiou 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger and his team did a lot of research and made a lot of photographs.  Many of them published in his book Mönchsland Athos. New images, some of them not to … Continue reading

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1675 – the Tower of Kaletzi: another Latin monastery on Athos (at Kolitsou or Colciu)?

We all know that today 20 monasteries exist on the Holy Mountain. But we also have information and proof that there used to be more monasteries. Most people who visited Athos have been to the Zygou monastery near the border, … Continue reading

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