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1955 – The story of the three WWII soldiers who came to thank the monks in 1944

  In November 1944, three New Zealand servicemen (here two of them on the photo in front of Paulou monastery HV) went to Mount Athos in northern Greece, to present citations to various monasteries whose inhabitants, in spite of serious risks to … Continue reading

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1937 – May 2017: the flight over Athos

This year I booked a flight above the peninsula of Athos to take aerial pictures. Because of busy times at  work I was not able to sort out all the pictures, that’s why it took some time to share them with … Continue reading

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1925 – 3 monasteries by Edward Lear

On the 5th of July 2017 Christies will auction 3 drawings by Edward Lear. We have made already a lot of Lear posts on this blog but here are three unpublished images. A very nice impression of the monastery of … Continue reading

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1874 – The coastal tower near Paulou

The coastal tower and ruins in 1853 with on the right the monastery of Paulou and on the left the southern slope of the mountain itself. In front,  part of an arch is visible, nowadays gone.  From a slightly different … Continue reading

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1694 – Around Paulou

After a long and steady ascent on a broad dirt road we finally reached the monastery of Paulou.The industrious workers of Paulou had cleared the paths. The path to the right leads to the kiosk. This picture was taken from … Continue reading

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1687 – On our way to the Holy Monastery Paulou

When we departed from Dionysiou late in the morning of the new year a very social cat followed us for about a kilometre. He jumped from footstep to footstep which we had left in the snow. A lot of snow … Continue reading

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1686 – Paulou over the years

The black and white image of Paulou dates probably from the early 20th century. We can check the date by looking at the trees. A large cypress is hiding the kiosk at the entrance of the monasteryon the right of … Continue reading

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