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1963 – Watching people in Karyes.

The first monk we saw in Karyes, the capital of Athos and the only village where no one ever has been born, was an old man, whom we had met before on several occasions. The poor wandering man has got … Continue reading

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1932 – Workers at Mount Athos

Muleteers Muleteer working in the streets of Nea Skiti, 2017Muleteer at Kavsokalivia transporting goods from the harbour to the settlement, 2013 Muleteer on the path between Lavra and Skete Anna near Stravros 2011 Constructionworkers Workers at the main entrance at … Continue reading

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115 – Bread in Prodromou

In 2007 we climbed to the top of Mount Athos.  We started at Kavsokalivia and ended the hike at Paulou. It took us 12 hours but it was worth it. It is important that you have enough food if you … Continue reading

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