2141 – From Dionysiou to Paulou in summer and winter

Dionysiou 2011

In the summer of 2011 we walked from Dionysiou to Paulou. The other way around as my brother Wim has described in the previous post (2140).

Dionysiou 1st jan. 2015

In the winter of 2015 my friend Bas and I, together with our sons, walked the same track. The path was covered with snow which fell the day before and now already was melting again.

crosses 2011

the start of the steep part, 2011

As my brother already mentioned, there is no steeper path on the peninsula then this part of the monopati, located just before the flat coastline of Paulou.

descend carefully in 2015

Although we descended carefully and slow the boys found time to produce some large snowballs on the steepest part of the path.

This shows how big the height difference was. The tower was our goal.

Step by step we found our way through the virgin snow.

We clung to rocks and vegetation but reached the Paulou “beach” safely.

Tower in 2011

The tower in 2011 was still in ruins. See the interesting red figures.

Tower in 2015

In 2015 the restoration was in progress.

Courtyard Paulou 2015
Lunch in 2015

The guest monk of Paulou offered us a nice and abundant lunch after we first got water, coffee and tsipourou.

This short video was taken on the less steeper part of the path between Dionysiou and Paulou where we were joined by a cat!

Herman Voogd

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  1. Barry Oreck says:

    amazing shots in the snow — what a contrast!

  2. Gerard Koolschijn says:

    Nice memories, Herman!

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