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1707 – Mules or cars?

This is a scene you won’t see on the piers of Athos anymore. But in the 1940ties, when there were no cars  and distant monasteries had to be reached, visitors had to use mules for transportation. They even took the … Continue reading

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1472 – Mules at Kavsokalivia

These mules bring all kind of goods, brought in by the boat, to the houses of Kavsokalivia. You can also rent the animals with a mule driver, if you don’t want to walk all the way up. Does someone know … Continue reading

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1426 – Mules of Skiti Anna and Nea Skiti

To get supplies from the harbour to the skiti of St. Anna itself, which is located on a height of 300 meters, mules are needed because the Skiti cannot reached by car. The two pictures above are from Nea Skiti … Continue reading

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1369 – Skiti Anni 2011

One of the most beautiful sleeping rooms on Athos: Skiti Anne (this time without half naked men) Skiti Anni: the entrance door and the terrace, with a kiosk Skiti Anni: the terrace, the semantron and a fountain Leaving the skiti … Continue reading

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294 – Mules

Harbour Kleftiko. mules are leaving for a 700 meters climb to Kerasia. May 2007. Kavsokalivia, may 2007 Kavsokalivia. may 2007 When Robert Byron (who wrote The Station, Athos: treasures and men, 1931) was at Kerasia he had a problem finding … Continue reading

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