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1962 – The historical red balcony of Simonos Petras is gone forever!

The entrance of Simonos Petras at the back of the monastery in 1917 with on the right the red balcony. Because the front on the monastery is so spectacular the back is not that much photographed. The same spot, but now … Continue reading

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1937 – May 2017: the flight over Athos

This year I booked a flight above the peninsula of Athos to take aerial pictures. Because of busy times at  work I was not able to sort out all the pictures, that’s why it took some time to share them with … Continue reading

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1891 – Prize winning photo’s

If there was such a thing as a Athos photo contest this photograph by Dr Nicholas Exadaktylos shot in 1971 would be my number one. A simple but unmistakably Athos image of Dionysiou, nice composition, beautiful grey colours, the cracks … Continue reading

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1868 – The evolution of Simonos Petras

When was the right wing added? 1744 drawing by Barsky. 1853 one of the first photographs by Ernest de Caranza and Emile Charles Labbé. 1867 1872 by Russian monks of the Panteleimonos monastery. 1883 by Athelstan Riley 1906 postcard Early … Continue reading

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1865 – a closer look at Simonos Petras

Simonospetras is build on a rock, as you see on the pictures and plan below: The plan of the monastery is quite complex, because of its many floors. These plans will help you find your way:Building M1 is the guesthouse, … Continue reading

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1864 – The oldest pictures of Athos: Simonos Petras

Herman has already shown some of the oldest pictures of Athos by Ernest de Caranza & Emile Charles Labbé. The pictures were taken in the year 1853. Today we will focus on some of their early images from Simonos Petras. … Continue reading

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1859 – the Kitchen Garden of Simonos Petras

One of the intriguing things on Mount Athos is the healthy food the monks eat. Many books has been published about this subject, for a good recipe look here. But where do the cooks of the monasteries get their ingredients … Continue reading

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