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2173 – Athos related Portable Icons

 A new initiative of the The Holy Community of Mount Athos is online, Athos Digital Heritage. A digital repository with 300,000 objects, such as manuscripts, historical documents, photographs, books, and icons. It is a fantastic source for the Orthodox world, … Continue reading

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2147 – random photos and articles in chronological order – no 2

11. 1903 Photo by monk Gavriil from Panteleimonos, made on August 21, 1903, with a “revealing” image of the Mother of God (on the left). The photo was published in a Greek newspaper at that time. It still remains a … Continue reading

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1838 – Russian Mt Athos climber found safe and sound

1500 meter A 55-year-old Russian national reported missing last Thursday after embarking on a climb of Mount Athos in northern Greece with a group of other mountaineering enthusiasts was found on Saturday safe and in good health. Panaghia shelter at … Continue reading

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1782 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : Day 2, The Top

This is the second episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week and stayed overnight at the … Continue reading

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1433 – cards and maps

Here are some more rare cards from Athos and a few maps: I will start with this Russian card from 1908, strangly enough with Mary and a LOT a women setting foot on the Holy Mountain and climbing it! can … Continue reading

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1401 – Panagia

The chapel of Panagia at 1500 meter in 1935. This is how it looked when we climbed the mountain in 2007. Also the mules were walking around freely then. But when I was there in 2011  a lot was changed. … Continue reading

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1331 – the climb to the top of Mount Athos

As I told you in post 1223 we arrived at the Stavros junction at 11 o’clock. I decided to give it a try and together with pilgrim Peter we took the path that leads to the top. The path to … Continue reading

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1295 – climb to the top: the Panaghia chapel and the new chapel

Fremaki asked us about the condition of the Panaghia chapel, where you spend a night in a guestroom. The photos I took half a year ago speak for themselves: The newly renovated Panaghia refuge A relatively clean room with iron … Continue reading

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254 – Panaghia 1500 m.

May 2007: for the climb to the top see nr. 85 on this weblog. HV

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85 – A hike to the top of Mount Athos

Kavsokalivia At 7 o clock we left from Skiti Kavsokalivia to start our trip to the summit of the Holy Mountain. After three earlier visits to Athos this was my main goal. Two of my friends, J. and H. had … Continue reading

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