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1994 – the hike from Pantocratoros to (arsanas) Kolitsoú

I have been publishing on this weblog for more then 10 years. One of my aims is to share my travels with others – who are not able to visit the Holy Mountain -. For me it is exciting to … Continue reading

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1923 – Friends of Mount Athos (FoMA) clearing the footpaths

The Friends of Mount Athos are committed to the ongoing project of clearing, restoring and maintaining the old Athonite footpaths, many of them stone-paved (kaldirimi) tracks for transporting goods by mule and dating from late Byzantine times. The project was … Continue reading

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1826 – Prince Charles and orthodoxy explained

Prince Charles in 2004 burning a candle at a funeral in Colciu, a Romanian settlement near Vatopedi (Photo: pemptousia.ro). Read here why Charles is so occupied with orthodoxy and Athos. (thanks to Gerard Koolschijn and friend). Herman Voogd

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1672 – Prince Charles visiting Romanian kelli in 2000 and 2004

Prince Charles occasionally visits the Holy Mountain and especially Vatopedi (269, 944 and 1021). On the internet I found this picture of Charles visiting the Elder Dionysios of the Romanian St. Georges kelli called Colciu on April 19th 2000. After a long … Continue reading

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1021 – Prince Charles in a Chilandariou/Athos slide show

Prince Charles talking to Athos monks. You can find this picture in a fine black and white photo slide-show about Chilandariou/Athos on You Tube, made by Hadzi Miodrag Miladinovic at 8:45, and another one of the Prince of Wales at … Continue reading

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944 – Prince Charles

The prince of Wales planting a tree near the Vatopedi monastery. hv

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269 – Prince Charles

Photographer : Theodosios of Simonopetra, monk

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