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2096 – The harbour of Vatopediou

I will show a few impressions of the harbour (arsanas) of Vatopediou. The 19th century warehouse from the perspective of the pier. The monastery with its red walls towers above the warehouse. A closer look at the boathouse. The loose … Continue reading

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2083 – Derek Hill and the Holy Mountain

At the harbour of Vatopedi you may find a restored fountain and a kiosk, that were built in memory of Derek Hill, “who showed a genuine love for the monasteries of the Holy Mountain”, as is engraved in the memorial … Continue reading

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1471 – the Vatopediou harbor and Derek Hill (art)

At the end of the peer of Vatopediou you will find a small building, on this picture just under the yellow construction crane. On this engraving from 1876 the kiosk is also to be seen. Old houses on Vatopediou coast. When … Continue reading

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1131 – Bruce Chatwins desicive moment

In weblog 1079 we cited an article in the Telegraph about Bruce Chatwin´s visit to Athos. Chatwin´s descive moment came when he walked from Vatopediou to Stavronikita, when he saw this cross. He wrote: `The most beautiful sight of all … Continue reading

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439 – Art: Derek Hill 1916 – 2000

Derek Hill, three monks, oil on canvas Derek Hill, H.R.H.A. (1916-2000) Sketch for St Basil’s Church, Athos signed, inscribed and dated ‘Sketch for oil panel on wood of St Basil’s church/Chilandar/Athos/The panel stolen in Liverpool, Gatacre Pk Hotel Oct 1/82 + 7 … Continue reading

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