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1895 – Drawings by Edward Lear

Chilandariou in 1856 by Edward Lear (London 1812-1888 San Remo). Chilandariou in 2009. Restoring the monastery after the fire of 2004. Edward Lear, 16th September 1856, Xenofontos.Xenofontos 2015. Herman Voogd

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1869 – 19th century threshing floors

The collection of the first photos (1853) of Mount Athos by Caranza and Labbé recently auctioned by Sotheby’s is full of interesting images. This is a threshing floor outside Xenofontos. A threshing floor is a specially flattened outdoor surface, usually … Continue reading

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1787 – Twenty monasteries in seven days: Day 7, the last day

This is the last episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week. Many thanks for their exciting … Continue reading

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1740 – How to paint an icon?

Monk Loukas from Xenofontos monastery showes you in 25 minutes how to paint a beautiful icon of Jesus. It is worth watching, with an explanation in English! Sorry, this video has been removed. Wim, 3/2/2016 Wim, 11/8 (thanks Vasilis)

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1632 – Skiti Xenofontos – the forgotten skete

Very seldom pilgrims take the effort to visit the “forgotten” Skiti Xenofontos, that’s why I decided to have a look. I got a big surprize, because in stead of an old and ruined settlement I found an almost totally renovated … Continue reading

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1621 – Live blog Athos 2014-3

Arriving at Xenofontos. Wim, 1/9

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746 – Photo and story by Agnostos Ellinas

A lone traveler waits for the ferry on the dock of Xenophontos monastery in Mount Athos, unaware that the ferry will not be stopping there. This is the wrong dock as it is not used anymore. The ferries stop at … Continue reading

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