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1951 – Approaching Xenofontos from the south

Walking the coastal path from Panteleimonos to the south the monastery of Xenofontos comes in sight. This is  a photograph by Millet, who made pictures in 1917 when he was on Athos with the French army.When Millet came closer, the … Continue reading

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1779 – Russians 1000 years on Athos

The almost completely restored Russian monastery of Panteleimonos will be the place where the festivities 1016 – 2016 will take place. The first Russian monastery on Mount Athos was founded during the rule of Holy Prince Vladimir. The earliest written … Continue reading

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1723 – Ascension day

In the Eastern Church this feast is known in Greek as Analepsis, the “taking up”, and also as the Episozomene, the “salvation from on high”, denoting that by ascending into his glory Christ completed the work of our redemption. Ascension … Continue reading

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1523 – Angels by french photographers in 1918

1. icon in Gregoriou by Millet. 2. mural in Dionysiou by Martel. 3.mural in trapeza Chelandariou by Millet. 4. Mosaic in Vatopedi by Le Baron 5. mural in Protaton, Karyes by Le Baron. hv

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1416 – Simonos Petras as seen from the summit

On the top of Mount Athos you can spot Simonas Petras monastery (red arrow). Photo by hv  This how it looks the other way around. Photo by Theodossios of Simonopetra, monk.         This is the right spot on one of the … Continue reading

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1181 – more pictures of the French on Mt. Athos 1918

More than three years ago we showed you in blog nr 211 some pictures of the French and their general Sarrail, who occupied Mt. Athos together with the Russians in 1918/1919. I will show you these pictures agian, now in a … Continue reading

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816 – Millet on Athos

This picture is taken in 1917 and is from Erich Feigl’s book: Athos, Vorhölle zum Paradies. He gives this text: A rare encounter in a fairytale forrest: The doctor of Xerapotamou, who during the time of the first World War still … Continue reading

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