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2120 – An evening, night and early morning in Prodromou

Just before sunset we arrived in Prodromou, the Romanian skete at the edge of the peninsula. We were quiet tired from the afternoon walk from Kavsokalivia via Nilou and the crossing of the stone fall of Megali Sara. The walk … Continue reading

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1715 – Provata

Between Karakalou and Lakkou Skiti lies the area called Provata. It is a settlement of a few larger kellions, f.e. Panaghia, St. George and St Andreou, witch were founded by mainly Slavic monks. The settlemnet we visited is one of the … Continue reading

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1684 – the icon painters of Lakkou skiti

One of the reasons to go to Mount Athos in 2014 was to buy a real Athos-icon. When we told Father Gabriel that we were looking for a good quality icon, he immediately brought us to a room in the … Continue reading

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1672 – Prince Charles visiting Romanian kelli in 2000 and 2004

Prince Charles occasionally visits the Holy Mountain and especially Vatopedi (269, 944 and 1021). On the internet I found this picture of Charles visiting the Elder Dionysios of the Romanian St. Georges kelli called Colciu on April 19th 2000. After a long … Continue reading

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1671 – Lakkou Skiti 2

Today we take a closer look at building nr 3 with its new church and the main church/ katholicon and the ossuary of the skete (A and B). Father Gabriel gave us the advice to visit the new church that … Continue reading

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1669 – Lakkou skiti in September 2014

Our initial plan was to first take a ride/taxi from Kelli Timiou Stavrou to Lakkou Skiti, pay a quick vist to this Romenian skete, and then to continue on foot to Skiti Anni. The next day, 8th September 2014, we … Continue reading

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1548 – Stained glas in the exo-narthex

When entering the main church of the monasteries you will be in the exo-narthex.  Church windows are usually fitted with stained glass as you can see here in the exo-narthex of the Romanian Skite Podromou.This is a window in the … Continue reading

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1536 – An unexpected detour to Athanasius’ source

Before dawn we sat in a small bus, in front of Lavra. It could seat probably 10 men. The vehicle was fully packed. Mainly Romanian churchmen, all very well dressed in impeccable clean robes, shampooed hair, well-trimmed beards and odors … Continue reading

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1532 – Approaching the Romanian Skiti Prodromou, colored glass windows and fresco’s

Walking from Nelios to Prodromou the footpath rises from the stone fall of Karavostasi to approximately 450 meters above sea level. At the highest point there suddenly is a wide view of the south eastern end of the peninsula. Below … Continue reading

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1394 – The Romanian skiti of Prodromou in the 19th century

Early shot of Prodromou, probably 1890. The skite will get the shape of a monastery, as you can see below,  but here not all the buildings and walls are finished. On this photo a large building is added to the … Continue reading

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