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2049 – a report from two Dutch pilgrims of their Athos visit in May 2019

We (Yke and Wouter Bakker, father & son) arrived on May 4 in Ouranoupolis after our flight from Schiphol to Thessaloniki for our second visit to Athos. We visited Athos before in May 2015. We heard that because of strong … Continue reading

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1798 – From Vatopediou to Pantocratoros (day three, first leg)

We started walking in the early morning from Vatopediou. We didn’t want to wait for the morning mass to finish. And we could not find a monk to give some food for the road. But we still had plenty of … Continue reading

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1698 – Athos trip 2014 on You Tube: arriving in …

Three short amateur videos, all shot at the moment of arriving in: 1. Skiti Prof. Eliou (Sept. 1st 2014) 2. kelli Timiou Stavrou (Sept. 2nd 2014) and 3. Moni Karakalou (Sept. 5th 2014). Wim Voogd, 18/3 (NB. For those who … Continue reading

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1640 – Profitou Eliou 2

Just before nightfall I made a walk outside the skete. Here are some of the pictures I shot: Pumpkins the katholicon seen from outside the skete the North facade, with the smaal church on the second floor, the overhanging part … Continue reading

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1638 – skiti Profitou Eliou

In 2007 we visited the skete for the first time (see 159) and in those days it was not possible for a non-orthodox pilgrim to sleep there. But recently we heared that the conditions did change and this summer we … Continue reading

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635 – Skete Prof. Eliou

The Russian Skete before the central church was build. With church build between 1899 and 1914. Foto from keliotes website. Journalist Dave G. Houser writes about his recent visit to Athos especially about Skete. Prof. Eliou: Brother Job invites Aris … Continue reading

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537 – Pantokratoros and Sk. Prof. Eliou

Rare image by Theologos Tats. Almost same location, photo taken by Millet (1917/1919) Eliou on the far right. hv

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