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1881 – Album du Mont Athos 1913

A very nice photo album made by hieromonk Stephanou in 1913. A very complete account in photo’s of monasteries and sketes. Stephanou lived in a cell (kellion) in Karyes dedicated to the apostle Thomas:Here are some more photos from this … Continue reading

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1704 – A miracle in Dafni

After a coffee in the café of Dafni, I went for a walk. The boys stayed around the harbour enjoying themselves with the kittens. We had to wait for our connecting boat to Ouranopolis. I wanted to explore in the … Continue reading

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1703 – The first bus on Athos was a Mercedes

The road from the harbour of Dafni to the village of Karyes was build in 1963 when the millenium (963-1963) celebrations took place. Before that there was a path (monopati) and mules took the pilgrims to Karyes where they got … Continue reading

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1643 – How about transport to Athos when it is storming?

When the waves are as high as this (Dafni by Giannis Keliotes) the ferries won’ t sail to the harbours of Dafni or the monasteries. But is this also the case with the much smaller boattaxi or is it possible … Continue reading

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1489 – 3 restaurants/tavernas on Mount Athos

This is the taverna in the harbour of Dafni This is a new cafe in Karyes where they serve good coffee. Located on the square with buses and taxis. The taverna in Karyes on the right. It also used to … Continue reading

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1462- The harbour of Dafni in full swing

Short impression of our arrival at Dafni in 2013. hv

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1410 – The harbour of Dafni

This is Dafni in the beginning of the 20th century. It looks like it was not a real harbour yet. No quai to go easy on land. In the top right corner a small part of the monastery of Xerapotamou. … Continue reading

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