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1783 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : day 3, Lavra

This is the third episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.  The descent to Lavra. This … Continue reading

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1548 – Stained glas in the exo-narthex

When entering the main church of the monasteries you will be in the exo-narthex.  Church windows are usually fitted with stained glass as you can see here in the exo-narthex of the Romanian Skite Podromou.This is a window in the … Continue reading

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1532 – Approaching the Romanian Skiti Prodromou, colored glass windows and fresco’s

Walking from Nelios to Prodromou the footpath rises from the stone fall of Karavostasi to approximately 450 meters above sea level. At the highest point there suddenly is a wide view of the south eastern end of the peninsula. Below … Continue reading

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1503 – Athos and the Second World War: more pictures and texts

In my search for more pictures about Athos I found these below. Most of them are taken by German “Wehrmacht”-soldiers, who had an outpost just above the Rumenian Skete Prodromou. The German observation post on the slopes of the Athos … Continue reading

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1495 – Cape Akrathos

Cape Akrathos is a real cape. It is the end of the peninsula and the view from all sides is stunning. The last house on the cliff is inhabited by father Iosif. My brother Wim met him in 2011. Father … Continue reading

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1394 – The Romanian skiti of Prodromou in the 19th century

Early shot of Prodromou, probably 1890. The skite will get the shape of a monastery, as you can see below,  but here not all the buildings and walls are finished. On this photo a large building is added to the … Continue reading

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1319 – the surroundings of Skiti Prodromou – 1

The plan of Skiti Prodromou, from Google Earth. After dinner I took the opportunity to walk around the skiti. Here the square in front of the main entrance, seen from the wall at spot B. Near spot B: a gate … Continue reading

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