2020 – a sneak preview of the 2018 pilgrimage and news from Athos

From the monastery of Simonospetras, where we could sleep for two nights thanks to monk T., I will show a few images that I shot the last three days:

On the boat to Athos: an unexpected meeting with mr Hadrian Liem from Holland

Konstamonitou: the Katholicon

A dome of a chapel with its typical Greek blue color, near Docheiariou

Xenofontos: the Katholicon

On the road with father T.  from Simonospetras: somewhere high above Dafni, the West coast, Rema Dontá


Father Maximos, shop owner in Karyes

Iviron: the aqueduct

Me in the Landrover of father T. (photo Jitze Bakker – JB)

Just before Lavra: the old bridge of Velás

The small road, just wide enough for one (4-wheel drive!) car, leading to arsanas Prodromou

Wild seas at arsanas Prodromou

The cave/old boat house from 1853 at arsanas Prodromou

Time for a drink and a meal at Karyes with father T. (photo JB)

News item:

Yesterday we heard the news here that the fire brigade and special forces had to rescue an 67 year old Swiss man, who was hiking on his own an got lost in the Athonite wilderness, because he chose to leave the path and in doing so, fell and broke his foot. The rescuers had to carry him from the bushes back to Simonospetras, from where he was transported by boat and than by helicopter to a hospital.

From Greek newspapers we understand that he spend the night alone on a monopati, before he was rescued. This proves again the golden rule on the Holy Mountain, never ever leave the path, especially when you hike alone!

I do not hope it was the Swiss man who we met on the boat two days earlier!

Wim, 20/9

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2 Responses to 2020 – a sneak preview of the 2018 pilgrimage and news from Athos

  1. gerard koolschijn says:

    Beautiful pictures! An original one of Simopetra too. Must have been a glorious trip with this wonderful weather.

  2. athosweblog says:

    It is almost impossible on this track to take an alternative route. There can me no mistake where to go, up is to steep, down is the sea. My guess, the poor man slipped, injured himself and fell of the path. I hope he is fine HV

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