2261 – a new site with routes for hikers on Mount Athos

Athos friend Vasílis found this new (since October 2022) and excellend site, agionorosroutes.blogspot.com, with 70 detailled walking routes on the Holy Mountain, shown in Google maps. All tracks can by seen with satellite images. The text is in Greek, but with Google Translate it is very easy accesable and readable. You can also download a free Google Earth map with lots of information about almost all settlements and buildings on Athos.

With this text the author/maker introduces his site:

In this blog you can find the main hiking routes for Mount Athos. More will be added along the way. The times listed for these routes are calculated for slow walking. Each route has a map and brief directions since you can follow your trail on the map (if there is a mobile phone signal) there is no need for detailed directions. The maps are made to be viewed on google maps in the satellite view setting.  You can search for the routes in alphabetical order at the bottom of the page or by section on the right.

This site can be very helpful in planning your route for a hike on the Holy Mountain. You can click on the route you want to walk and zoom in on Google maps. It also includes a description.

the route from Agia Anna to the top of Mount Athos

The (anonymous) Greek author also published a (free) PDF in Greek with information about the monasteries (and email adresses!).

Mister X, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it!

Wim Voogd,

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  1. Thank you very much for viewing my blog, I hope it will be useful to those who want to visit Mount Athos.

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