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1863 – The arsanas of Pantocratoros

Looking up at the monastery of Pantocratoros from the small harbour. 2015 Almost the same spot in 1853Ruined house in 2016Not the same house as above but almost the same spot. 1853 Compare the wall on the right with the … Continue reading

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1861 – Find the differences

Xiropotamou in 1853. Photo by Ernest de Caranza and Emile Charles Labbé. Watch the figure in the tower on the right. Xiropotamou in 2013. Photo by H. Voogd. The towerclock is not round shaped anymore and they plastered the church … Continue reading

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1558 – Passing the monastery of Dionysiou

Coming from Gregoriou walking along the beautiful monopati Dinonysiou comes into view. The arsanas (harbour) has been expanded with a new pier. Clouds are covering the mountains itself.       Dionysiou is founded in the 14th century.  In October 1535 a … Continue reading

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1421 – Iviron by Barsky

The Russian pilgim Vasily Barsky visited Athos twice (1725 and 1744). Barsky ‘s drawings are valued especially for the accuracy of their architectural detail in an age before photography. (quote from Graham Speake in his famous book Mount Athos Renewal … Continue reading

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1404 – Paulou by Barsky

The monastery of Paulou in 1744. Drawing by Barsky. All the Barsky drawings have a high level of realism. The object in the middle is a rock against the monastery walls. On the left a transportation system with a basket.On … Continue reading

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1402 – Paleo Monasterion by Barsky

With the drawing of Barsky made in 1744 we now can determine the exact position of Old Rossikon or Paleo Monasterion. The defense tower on the far left and the wall with an entrance gate is to be seen on … Continue reading

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1360 – Xirapotamou in 1744

This is the monastery of Xiropotamou drawn by Barski or Barsky in 1744.  Very detailed and as we compare it with the recent foto’s you see how little things have changed. The tower on the left is still there but … Continue reading

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