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1899 – the hike from Mikra Ag. Anna to Katounákia – Daniiléon

On the 22th of September 2015 it was our intention to hike to Daniiléon and to sleep there for one night. We did not make a reservation and if we failed to get hospitality, we would return to Nea Skiti, … Continue reading

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1898 – the hike from skiti Anna to Mikra Anna

This hike, which walked on September 22th 2015, stretches only 1 km and it takes about 15/20 minutes.Lets start with a few pictures of skiti Ag. Anna: coming from Nea Skiti: at the first building of Skiti Ag. Anna you … Continue reading

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1896 – the hike from Nea Skiti to Skiti Anna

On September 22th 2015 we hiked from Nea Skiti to Skiti Anna, a trail of only 1.9 km. Just after leaving Nea Skiti you will find this signpost:The yellow sign leads to the hut of elder Josepf the Hesychast, who … Continue reading

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1439 – The stairs from Sk. Anna to the harbour

The guestquarters of Skiti Anna. To reach the harbour of the skiti you will have to take the stairs.                                   300 meters below you see the harbour (arsanas)                           … Continue reading

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1426 – Mules of Skiti Anna and Nea Skiti

To get supplies from the harbour to the skiti of St. Anna itself, which is located on a height of 300 meters, mules are needed because the Skiti cannot reached by car. The two pictures above are from Nea Skiti … Continue reading

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1369 – Skiti Anni 2011

One of the most beautiful sleeping rooms on Athos: Skiti Anne (this time without half naked men) Skiti Anni: the entrance door and the terrace, with a kiosk Skiti Anni: the terrace, the semantron and a fountain Leaving the skiti … Continue reading

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1355 – Skiti Anna: the interior

(this continues blog 1340) After a long hike from Prodromou to the top of Mount Athos I finally reached this beautiful place: my friends asked the Archondaris to leave some dinner for me, because I arrived late. I was given … Continue reading

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