2266 – more Athos maps

A map from 1585 Abraham Ortelius, a Brabantian cartographer from Antwerp, with antique Greek names of villages on Athos

1650 Alexander à Via Venice engraving folding map Athos, with texts in Greek, Latin and Cyrillic

Detail of the left top corner with a text in Latin and a drawing of Christ on a throne with Maria and Johannis.

Detail of the sea with different (Venetian) boats and small rowboats with monks and whales or fish

Detail with a brook streaming down the Athos mountain and with Lavra and Iviron (with the -burning- Portatissa icon emerging from the sea). Look at all the towers firing canons!

Detail nr 4: the monasteries on the West coast of Athos

1727 Athos map with antique cities, with a text in French: Carte de Thrace pour servir à l’intelligence de l’histoire romaine par Henri Liébaux, géographe

1840 Russian Athos map with images of Athos

1857 German map: Karte vom Berge Athos

1875 English map of Athos

1882 English map of Athos

1899 Austrian army map

1903 Greek map

1940 French map, you can have a detailed look of this here or http://www.cartomundi.fr/site/E01.aspx?FC=91026

1944 German map, Karte from the book “Mönchsland Athos 1941” by Dölger

1974 Greek map

2009 – photo from an (older) Greek Athos map, found in monastery Grigoriou

date unknown: modern Athos map by lectus.gr

date unknown: Greek Athos map

date unknown: old engraving, French Athos map

date unknown: Russian Athos map. Here a road or path leads to the Holy Mountain (?)

2023 – the Peter Howorth Athos map: the maps are ‘print on demand’. This means that there will be constant refining of the maps for the immediate future. The best and most up-to-date map there is, available here.

Wim Voogd, 11-5

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  1. Tina says:

    Beautiful Maps!

  2. Vasílis says:

    At picture 4 you may delete the question mark. It is Ioannis/Johannis/Saint John.
    What about the ‘Zwerger map’? I miss it…

  3. Vasílis says:

    Okay! I should have read better the header ‘more maps’. But a small information sentence would have been helpful, inclusive a reference to the other map blogs😉

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