2253 – another You Tube footage by Rafinos of a hike from Agia Anna to Kerasia and to the top of Mount Athos, including the enormous waterspout

The latest video of the Greek pilgrim dates from the first of November 2022. On this nice footage with dramatic music at the end he and his friend Angelos start their climb from arsanas Agia Anna, where he almost slides into the sea (!), and where they a little later spot a waterspout above the sea (4.07 min). This must be the same tornado I saw on September 23th, when I was in Ouranopolis!

First they climbed all the way to Kerasia, where they spend the night. The next day they hiked to the Panaghia refuge and immediately went to the top of Mount Athos. It is here that they spend the night (in the open air at 5 Celsius?) and saw the sun set and rise again, with the impressive piramid shaped shadow of the mountain in the sea. Again a drone was used to make some fine shots and the music completes this fine video.

This is what Rafinos said about the top:

“We climbed the top on the 2nd day. The ascent, although tiring, had no dangerous or steep spots at all. For those who go up, we would tell you to spend the night at the top and not at the church of Panagia at 1500m. The reason is that the shelter is unfortunately very dirty and neglected inside. Unfortunately, many people who visit Agios Oros does not respect the place, as a result of which you see garbage in many parts of the climb. Spending the night at the top is a truly unreal experience. Both in the east and in the west, the shadow of the mountain stretches for many kilometers over the sea. At night, if the weather helps, you think you’re traveling among the stars”.

The hike on September 23th is also published on Wikiloc.

The same waterspout was filmed by monk T near Simonos Petras on September 23th

Wim Voogd, 8-11-2022

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3 Responses to 2253 – another You Tube footage by Rafinos of a hike from Agia Anna to Kerasia and to the top of Mount Athos, including the enormous waterspout

  1. Vasílis says:

    Yes, Wim, it was the same tornado. (Youmay also see at Wikiloc that the upload was September 25)

    • athosweblog says:

      Dear mr. Ottarius, I think it would be possible to reach Lavra, if you leave from the top after sunrise, because you mainly will walk downhill. After the junction at Stauros you will follow the signs to Lavra and I would advise to to take the high path in stead of the lower path, because it is relatively easy to walk. I estimate it will 6 hours (or less). On my way up from Lavra to the top and down to skiti Anna it took me 9 hours (but I was totally exhausted then!).
      Good luck and thanks for your nice words.
      Wim Voogd

  2. ottarius says:

    Thanks for a very good (and moving;-) video. A question from two senior first timers on the Holy Mountain, who soon start packing:
    Is it realistic to start walking from the summit after sunrise to reach the Great Lavra before 3 PM?
    We wish to avoid stress and totally exhaustion. The alternative is to walk directly to Kafsokalyvia, Agia Anna or somewhere close. No matter, we shall take the ferry the day after, which is our fourth day. The Great Lavra in that case may wait til next time….
    And thanks for a superb blog – really a well of information and inspiration!

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