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2203 – After the Corona lock-down: Athos reopens partially from May 11th 2021

Update 25/06, thanks to our reader Japetus: For the time being, no covid vaccination certificate, private pcr test, selftest etc. are accepted to enter Athos.All visitors -with no exception whatsoever- are required prior to receiving their diamoniteria to undertake a … Continue reading

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2111 – The story of B.R. Forsyth from Australia in 1954

In 1954 B. R. Forsyth, from Australia , travelled alone to the Holy Mountain. Athos made an immense impression on him. He often spoke of ” his time at Athos,” but never met another person who also visited the peninsula. … Continue reading

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2109 – The Ouranoupolis webcam

Ouranoupolis webcam (again) It always make me feel good to get a glimpse of the Ouranoupolis harbour from where almost every boat to Mount Athos leaves. It reminds me of all the times, after getting the Athos passport, the Diamonitirion, … Continue reading

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1844 – Raymond Geldermans’ travels to the Holy Mountain

Sometimes a chain of unexpected events leads to a surprising outcome. That is how most of the inventions arise. A former colleague of mine wanted a fresh start on the labour market after her world tour and after the birth … Continue reading

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1842 – My first trip to Mount Athos in 1989

I went to Athos for the first time in 1989 together with my two brothers and friend Jaap. My brother Wim had bought a  second hand Saab Turbo for holiday use and so we decided to go by car from … Continue reading

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1784 – Twenty monasteries in seven days : day 4, a day full of adventures

This is the fourth episode of seven of the  Athos trip done by Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig from Rennes, France made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.   This day was the most … Continue reading

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1767 – Karyes September 2015

On our first day of our pilgrimage to Athos on Sunday 20th of September we reserved a place to sleep at Skiti Andreou (or Serail). Before we went there we tried to get an extention of our Diamoniterion at the … Continue reading

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1701 – how to book an Athos visit: update March 2015

In post 1142 I shared information from the internet about how to book an Athos pilgrimage. The new email adres – from 2014 – is: athosreservation@gmail.com (so do NOT use “piligrimsbureau@c-lab.gr” anymore). Pilgrim Herman in 2011 at the Pilgrimsbureau If you call … Continue reading

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1516 – Paperwork on Mount Athos

When entering a monastery or skite it is custom and even required to put your name and number of your Athos visum (diamoniterion) in the guestbook. They also ask your fathers name. I don’t no why. Pilgrim Jacques perform his … Continue reading

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1444 – book Dölger: Athos monasteries in 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger published a book in 1942, with many black and white pictures (also see 599, 1399 and 1281). Diamonitirion 1941 Today I will show the old pictures of the monasteries we plan to … Continue reading

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