1516 – Paperwork on Mount Athos

diamon konsta 2011 diamoni kavsoWhen entering a monastery or skite it is custom and even required to put your name and number of your Athos visum (diamoniterion) in the guestbook. They also ask your fathers name. I don’t no why. Pilgrim Jacques perform his job well in Konstamonitou and  last year in Kavsokalivia.dia boatticketsAthos is accessable only by boat. Tickets can be bought in Ouranoupolis just before boarding the ferry to Dafni. Ouranoupolis – Dafni EUR 6.60 one way.dia karala                  dia iviron

Rules on paper in Karakalou and in Iviron monastery.  It is good to know that church services are always followed by a meal. It is a pity that non-orthodox pilgrims have to wait untill the monks have finished their meals and have leaved the dining hall. That is apparently so in the monastery of Karakalou. In Iviron non-orthodox visitors are allowed to eat with the monks.dia pantThese are the rules and regulations in Panteleimonos. For ignorant pilgrims who don’t understand the part” there is no blessing” the monks have been so kind to explain this phrase.


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