1444 – book Dölger: Athos monasteries in 1941

In 1941 a German scientific expedision visited Athos. Prof Dr Dölger published a book in 1942, with many black and white pictures (also see 5991399 and 1281).

Diamoniterion 1941Diamonitirion 1941

Today I will show the old pictures of the monasteries we plan to visit in three weeks, starting with Vatopediou (and Chilandariou, Sografou and Docheiariou).

VatopediouVatopedi, courtyard, seen from a high tower

Vatopediou Gregor of NazianzVatopedi, relic, the skull of St. Gregor of Nazianz (329-390), although Wikipedia tells another story about his remains

Vatopediou iconVatopedi icon

Vatopediou relicVatopedi most famous relic: the girdle of Mary, recently brought to Moscow

ChilandariouChilandariou 1941

Chilandariou courtyardChilandariou courtyard

Chilandariou trapezaChilandriou – trapeza

SografouSografou 1941

DochiariouDocheiariou 1941

Dochiariou eso narthex paradijsDocheiariou, with a fresco of Paradise in the top

Dochiariou esonarthexDocheiariou – fresco in the exonarthex

Dochiariou trapezaDocheiariou – trapeza

Wim, 4/9

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  1. mocanitze says:

    I wrote a book about my experiences in Athos.
    In addition to my pictures, I want to use one of the pictures you published on this page of the site.
    Can you give me the right to publish it?
    I draw a parallel between the modern diamotyrion and the past.

    Valentin Beloiu

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