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2076 – Athos pilgrimage 2019: coloured glass

Wim, 5/10

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2044 – a visit to the Mar Saba monastery near Bethlehem

This weblog is about Athos. But every now and then I have to report something not directly related to the Holy Mountain, because of its importance or beauty. Today I will show some photos of the Greek orthodox monastery Mar … Continue reading

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1987 – another look at the interior of the cell of Maroudá

My Athos friend Jan Paul ten Bruggencate, who just cellebrated his 87th birthday this month and who will be visiting Athos again in May (respect!), has been visiting the cell of Maroudá many times. He gave me the advice to … Continue reading

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1781 – Twenty monasteries in seven days, Day 1

This is the first episode of seven of the  Athos trip Goulven Le Goff and his brother Ivonig made in May 2015. They visited all 20 monasteries in one week.  Text and photo’s by G. and I. Le Goff. This … Continue reading

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1337 – our new domain:

(photo by Bas Kamps) Because is closing down from the first of March 2013, we have been exporting our 1337 posts (with a few hundred photos!) from the last years to this weblog. Unfortunately most of the pictures have … Continue reading

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Re-opening of this Blog? Will move back to this site?

We will try to copy the content as soon as possible to this adresss!! The first picture I ever took on Mount Athos: July 1980, monks on the pier of Sografou. Wim, Jan 23th 2012

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1243 – Athos weblog is back ! (more or less…..)

Dear readers, Due to migration problems from Typepad to WordPress our weblog has been out of order for almost one month. We are sorry for that, but we couldn’t do anything about it. And problems are not over yet: most … Continue reading

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94 – Athos links

De top, foto gevonden op de russische site (zie hieronder). Omdat het aantal liefhebbers van vreemde talen op deze weblog snel groeiende is zal ik deze link er aan toevoegen (gevonden via En succes met vertalen ! (NB. als … Continue reading

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70 – Drie nachten

In deze straat in Karyes bevindt zich het ” hotel” Toestemming krijg je officieel voor drie nachten. Voor een vierde nacht is toestemming van de abt vereist. In 1997 namen wij de 4e nacht het ” hotel” in Karyes maar … Continue reading

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69 – Drie of vier nachten ?

Inhaalmanoeuvre: overigens zijn ze veel te zwaar bepakt. Er was enige onduidelijkheid over hoeveel dagen/nachten het toegestaan is om op het schiereiland te verblijven. De laatste keer dat we er waren is de groep Jaap/Fred/Herman in totaal 4 nachten geweest. … Continue reading

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