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1910 – Koutloumousiou monastery: part 3

Let’s continue our exploration of the courtyard:The balconies in the North-East corner: the kitchen and the bakery (Γ 1 and Γ 3), with a large clock on the wall. Here are pilgrim Gert Jan and me standing in front of the … Continue reading

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1614 – Semantron

Semantron of Karakalou The semantron or semandron (Greek: σήμαντρον), or semanterion (σημαντήριον), also called a xylon (ξύλον) (Romanian: toacă; Russian: било, bilo; Bulgarian, Macedonian and Serbian: клепало, klepalo) is a percussion instrument used in monasteries to summon the monastics to … Continue reading

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1469 – Docheiariou 26 September 2013: the sound of the semantron and bells

On September 26 this year we ended our Athos trip in Docheiariou, for me it was 33 years ago I visited this monastery. Docheiariou 1980 After it got dark we ended up on a balcony, where this picture was taken … Continue reading

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62 – Semantron

Op Athos ben je zo ver weg van de moderne wereld dat de rust als een warme deken je toegemoet komt. Maar schijn bedriegd, want in het hoogseizoen varen er vele toeristenboten langs (met vrouwen er op !) en via … Continue reading

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