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2110 – more pictures of Ouranopolis

In addition to the last post 2109 about the Ouranopolis webcam, I want to add some old pictures of the village, that I found in my archive. The first one is from 1959, when the first car arrived in Ouranopolis: … Continue reading

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2041 – the Cas Oorthuys photo collection from 1957 online

More than 10 years I published two posts in nr 646 and 649 about two articles from 1957 in the Dutch magazine Katholieke Illustratie, written by the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard, who was accompanied by the famous Dutch photographer … Continue reading

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2008 – a closer look at Vatopedi

Plan of the monastery from 1980 In 2017 we slept in one of the older parts of the monastery archondariki, building H – left SW corner, that has not been renovated yet.The stairs to the archontarikiAn original balcony on the … Continue reading

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1531 – book (in Dutch): Grieken zijn geen Goden – A. Den Doolaard

A. den Doolaard (Cornelis Johannes George (Bob)Spoelstra jr.) travelled through Greece in the mid fiftees of the last century, together with his compagnion and photographer Cas Oorthuys. I already showed you his pictures in post 646, 649 and 652. In 1959 A. den Doolaard … Continue reading

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652 – the pictures from the first article of 1959

This time we will have a closer look at the pictures I already showed in blog 646. As I told before, the (hundreds of) pictures of Athos shot by Cas Oorthuys are still hidden in the archives of the National … Continue reading

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649 – Athos in 1959: the second article (in Dutch)

The second article by A. den Doolaard and Cas Oorthuys was published in the magazine Katholieke Illustratie of december 19th 1959: Athos, Island of silence. In this article they describe, after passing Koutloumousiou, the walk from Karyes to Dafni. On … Continue reading

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646 – Athos in 1959: two articles in Dutch

Almost 50 years ago the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard and his photographer Cas Oorthuys visited Greece in the summer of 1959 for two months. At the end of their journey they visited the Holy Mountain, accompanied by a (expensive) … Continue reading

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636 – pictures of Cas Oorthuys from 1957

Whenever I visit my local Greek traiteur Romios in Amsterdam (the best in town!), I envy the owners, because they posess three big black/white pictures made by one of the most famous Dutch photographers, Cas Oorthuys. I found out that … Continue reading

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509 – A trip to Athos (day 2 nr 7)

The next pictures from the Lavra monastery are all in black and white. Maybe I was inspired by a Dutch photographer, Cas Oorthuys, who visited Mount Athos somewhere in the fifties of the last century and who took a lot … Continue reading

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108 – dag 2: Lavra in black and white

In een winkel op de Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam, waar je heerlijk grieks eten kan meenemen voor thuis, hangen een aantal foto’s aan de muur van Cas Oorthuys, die in de jaren 50 in Griekenland en op Athos is geweest en … Continue reading

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