1004 – Tragos

In A.D. 971/72, at the instigation of the emperor Ioannis Tzimiskes (A.D. 969-976), Euthymios, the Abbot of the Studite monastery in Constantinople, composed the first typikon (a charter governing the organization and administration of the Athonite State). This text, known as the Tragos (because it was written on a parchment of a goatskin, tragos=goat), and now housed in the tower next to the building of the Holy Epistatia, formed the basis for the later typika and the subsequent development of all the monasteries on Mount Athos. The text and the analysis of the Tragos in English can be found here.

The reverend monks of the renowned Mount Athos, Athanasios the reverend monk and protos of the Mountain, and the reverend monk Paul, have presented themselves in the God-guarded city before our benevolent emperor. For some time now, they explained, certain problems and disputes had arisen between them and the reverend monk Athanasios, superior of the imperial lavra called Ta Melana. The result was that several monks were injured and unjustly treated by him.
They reported that they could find no way of solving the problem and no way of guaranteeing peace among them. Our mighty emperor, crowned by God, living by his laws and guarded by righteousness, places great importance on the monks, more than anyone else, being at peace and leading undisturbed and tranquil lives.

The last time the Tragos has been taken out of its wooden box is during WW 2.


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